Friday, February 29, 2008

The Council Has Spoken - Feb. 29, 2008

The votes have been tallied by the Watcher of Weasels and the winners this week are:


The winning post this week in the Council category was from Cheat Seeking Missles, In A PC Nation, How Will The GOP Run? This is a nuanced post on a very real problem that will invevitably arise. The race card is going to arise and it is going to be played against McCain. This post was my vote for second place. Coming in ties for second was my first choice, Find the Adjectives by Soccer Dad. It is not hard to fisk an article of agenda journalism, but Soccer Dad did this with such precision that I thought it deserved first place this week. Also tied for second was . . . . me, of course. I seem to have a lock on second place in the Watcher's Council. My post was Obama (with links) & McCain's Petard.

And in the Non-Council category, the winner was To Die in Jerusalem, Part II by My Shrapnel. Coming in second was my first place choice The Fierce Urgency of Lies in American Thinker. Coming in fifth place was my submission from Dr. Sanity, The Democrats' Collective Cognitive Catatonia.

You can find the full results of this weeks voting at the Watcher of Weasels.

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Soccer Dad said...

Again thanks for the compliment. It was an honor to be tied with you!