Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Interesting News & Posts - 19 February 2008

A round-up of the interesting news and posts of the day, all below the fold.


Art: The Birth of Venus, Francois Boucher, 1740

Fausta’s Blog is one stop shopping for the best in Castro coverage.

The Ace of Spades responds to five questions George Will poses for John McCain regarding the constitutional powers of the Presidency. As to the last one, I do not know of one SOFA Agreement that has ever gone through Congress, and I would be surprised if McCain believed that he was required to commit such an agreement to Congress for approval.

Googlemaps.ranger.patrol.com . . .well, not quite, but that's what it sounds like. There are reasons we have the most professional military in the world. Technology is an important part of it, even for grunts.

Gateway Pundit blogs on the Pakistani elections and Senators Kerry, Biden and Hagel spending time with radical Islamist leader and former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. A win for Sharif’s party would be a disaster for the U.S. So why am I not surprised that the three stooges should show up with Sharif?

According to Protein Wisdom, the Obama Scrutiny Cometh. Perhaps they can start with his incredibly punitive and far-reaching gun control proposals. I doubt if the scrutiny can come fast enough for Hillary though. Indeed, this picture says it all. I will take scrutiny whenever it may come, however, so long as I do not have to do compulsory prayer at the Church of the Latter Day Obama come November. Though I for one would never need the smelling salts during the service.

Brits are finding themselves between a Northern Rock and a hard place. One wonders just what each will get for their £3,500 . . . besides screwed. The one thing I doubt that they will get is good policing under Labour’s policies. Indeed, as one straight forward police inspector has written about the policies: "Things are considerably worse, considerably more stupid and much more confused." At least the police are responsive to the Muslims in Britain. Is this insane or what?

EU Press Freedom is taking an ominous turn. This is not surprising when one understands the concept of seditious libel and the ruling of the EU Court of Justice in the 2001 case of Connolly vs. Commission. The modern left has no respect for freedom of speech. There is no relationship between classical liberalism and those who call themselves "liberals" today.

From Islam in Europe: Twenty-one suspected members of a self-styled "gang of barbarians" will be tried in France for the kidnapping, torture and murder of a young Jewish man, Ilan Halimi, in 2006.

If you are going to make a living as a bimbo, don’t be an air-head like Sharon Stone and decry America to Arab newspapers, . . . be a minimalist like Lindsey Lohan.

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