Monday, February 11, 2008

Interesting News - 11 February 2008

A summary of interesting news and posts below the fold


Congressman Tom Lantos died today of cancer at the age of 81. Ankle Biting Pundits has more, and opines that "[w]hile I disagreed with Rep. Lantos on many issues there’s no denying what an amazing and great man he was." I concur. And you will find another very good tribute to Congressman Lantos at EU Referendum.

John McCain has picked up three major conservative endorsements from John Bolton, Jeb Bush and Gary Bauer. Joshuapundit muses about John Bolton as Secretary of State, and I agree with his analysis. "Damn the French, call the wench, bring another cup" . . . to Edmund Burke and John McCain. I find federalism much preferable to Huckalism. And move over Obama Girl . . . its McCain Babe.

Who comprises the Republican base? Big Lizards answers the question in a fascinating essay. And related thoughts at Stormwarning.

Melanie Phillips, author of Londonistan, opines that the Archbishop of Canterbury "does not seem to understand that [Britain] is being targeted by a pincer movement of terrorism and cultural takeover. Meanwhile, Soccer Dad ponders the insanity of the Hate America first crowd. And the once high and mighty suffer a significant drop in the polls. It must be their platform.

Bookworm Room considers the suggestion that nonviolence will work as a tactic against the threat posed by radical Islam. As she points out, nonviolent resistance only works against moral nations and populations. Against the threat of radical Islam, adopting such a tactic would be beyond naïve.

A stark choice – to live free or die. Is dictatorship – or a politburo - the only solution to global warming. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people looking forward to a bit of that global warming in many parts of the world right now.

A good day for our soldiers in Iraq. "In addition to the 1,000 landmines, a substantial amount of munitions was found in two other caches, including 24, 57 mm rounds; nine, 130 mm artillery rounds; and 60 pounds of unknown bulk explosives."

The "social justice" education theory more a means of indoctrination in socialist philosophy than it is about education. I always thought this a cause championed by the left. Not for a moment did I realize the impetus behind this movement was George Bush.

I think we need to respond to the problem of underrepresentation in higher education with affirmative action to achieve balance.

Dr. Sanity explains Democratic party voting in light of Hillary’s narcissistic rage and the tabula rasa that is Obama.

Fight Sharia at its source. Send your beloved Salafist roses for Valentine’s Day.

Blonde Sagacity ponders the question, if our Presidential candidates were dogs, which breed would they be. Thankfully, no labs made the list. I love labs. I own three of them. They are the best dogs one could possibly own. But they are far too excitable and have no discernible foreign policy. Hmmm, I wonder if Labradoodles are the same.

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