Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bob Baer, Obama & The Real Travesty Of The Attempted Chrismas Bombing

The video below is of ex CIA agent Robert Baer discussing the terrorist attempt to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to the U.S. on Christmas Day. Interestingly enough, Baer predicted just such an attack three years ago. That this attack occurred shows serious systemic failures in our secruity apparatus, but that is not the real travesty. Do see the video.

(H/T Hot Air) As Baer makes clear, this bombing attempt arose out of an "organization" - a Yemeni al Qaeda cell - that was capable of both planning an operation to defeat airport security and building a sophisticated bomb. It was an attempt that only failed by the grace of God. Jihadist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was in direct contact with that 'organization' and the 'organization' presents an ongoing threat to America. Thus, to remain safe, the U.S. needs every piece of intelligence it can extract from Mr. Abdulmutallab about it. Yet the Obama administration is treating Abdulmutallab as a common criminal, not a prisoner of war. The Obama administration has already arraigned Abdulmutallab - indeed, the administration did it within two days of the attack. This means that Abdulmutallab now has a lawyer and nothing of timely intelligence value will be forthcoming. This is utter insanity.

To state again, under the rules of war, we have every right to hold combatants for the duration of hostilities. In other words, we are within our rights to hold Abdulmutallab until his age reaches triple digits so long as hostilities have not ceased. And we are within our rights to interrogate him for information every day he is in custody - no lawyers allowed, no constitutional rights at issue (well, but see Boumadiene). There is no reason whatsoever to put a combatant to trial unless you have an additional goal of trying them for war crimes and executing them. By placing this Abdulmutallab in the criminal system unnecessarily, Obama has kneecapped our ability to get actionable intelligence that might stop the next attack from this 'organization.' As bad as are all of the other issues surrounding this attempted bombing, this is the worst.


O Bloody Hell said...



Obama==AntiAmerican Traitor

Take your pick.

I lean towards the latter, as his behavior, actions and so forth all represent the kind of insane person it would take to seriously pursue a Cloward-Piven strategy.

Ex-Dissident said...

CIA is going to be blamed for having information on this Nigerian terrorist and not acting on it. I wonder what role the recent persecution of CIA agents and lawyers had on these events.

O Bloody Hell said...

Obama wants answers after botched terror attack

He's got no interest in solutions, mind you. But this man wants ANSWERS!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

To be fair, aside of full body scan there are no means to detect explosives remotely. And, as just heard on the radio, full scan of all passengers is going to be started in Amsterdam.

suek said...

Interesting interview with Wesley Clark yesterday...

He stated that he had "heard" that the un-bomber was "singing like a bird" - to reduce his time in prison from life to somewhat less.

Riiiiight. With his lawyer there.

Clark is a snake.
(his position in the interview was that the US is to blame for the terrorism because we have been so oppressive to the muslims)

O Bloody Hell said...

> (his position in the interview was that the US is to blame for the terrorism because we have been so oppressive to the muslims)

Yeah, just wait until they get off another #$%%^$%^ mass killing.

At some point, the libtard boomer fools will be in short enough supply that a smattering of long-term reason can take hold.