Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Is Ominous . . .

. . . though it is hardly unexpected. As I have repeated ad infinitum, Iran cannot allow a democratic, secular Iraq to exist on its border. Unless the current Iranian regime is destroyed, they will continue to make every effort to Lebanize Iraq. This from the Memri blog:

Ayad Jamal Al-Din, Iraqi MP (and a liberal Shi’te scholar), has said that the Iranian influence in Iraq represents a threat to the region, and that the UN should monitor the Iraqi elections.

He said that Iran's influence in Iraq is so widespread that it would reconfigure the region and it will not possible to contain it unless the parliamentary elections are free and honest.

He added that Iran is involved in the affairs of many Iraqi political parties, and called on the parties to reveal the sources of their financing.

As the U.S. draws out of Iraq, expect to hear many more stories like this. And given Obama's oft repeated denigration of U.S. actions in Iraq, expect the mad mullahs to have a reasonable belief that we will not be returning to Iraq to contest this issue again. This does have the potential to turn into a disaster.

On a different note, it always pays to remember that the mad mullahs of Iran know no ethical boundaries on their actions. They truly are evil in every sense of the word. Most recently, the revelations of a young doctor, Ramin Pourandarjani, that the regime was torturing people arrested in the protests, proved deeply embarresing to the mad mullahs. That problem is now solved. The doctor will repeat his accusations no more. He was recently found, poisoned to death. It should be no surprise that the regime is having difficulty in finding his killers. See the story here.


Paul_In_Houston said...

Totally off-topic for this post, you've been gone so long (3.5 monthes) I've only been dropping by infrequently, so was delighted to see you back with a vengeance.

Having only recently begun playing with blogging myself, I've noticed how LIFE has this way of intruding, so I suspected that was the case with you.

So, all I can say for the moment is: "Welcome Back!"


GW said...

Thank you Paul. Glad to hear from you. And just paid a visit to your blog. It looks good indeed. I will blogroll you and start my visits daily.

cdor said...

Let's see how we dance:
Truman 1 step forward
Eisenhower 1 step forward
Kennedy 1/2 step plus
Johnson 2 steps minus
Nixon 1/2 step plus
Ford even
Carter 2 steps minus
Reagan 11/2 steps plus
HW Bush even
Clinton 1/2 step minus
GW Bush even
Obama heaven help us

How do others grade this list?