Saturday, December 12, 2009

TNOYF's Special LGF Inspired Christmas Gifts

TNOYF has a Christmas special honoring that paragon of the blog world, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs fame:

(H/T American Digest)

To be honest, I rarely went to the LGF site. Charles had some good posts early on about salafi/Wahhabi Islam in the post 9-11 days, and his site has always been well organized. From what I gather, he was always of a leftist bent, but it did not show through during those days when his focus was on radical Islam. Now that he has proclaimed himself of the left, I note that he has removed the cartoon Islamic radical from his header. Apparently, such individuals no longer present as great a threat to the world, in Charles's mind, as do tea party protesters or "hate speech" mongers such as Rush Limbaugh. That, or more likely, with him now courting the left to patronize his blog, he does not wish to offend the multicultural sensibilities of his new target audience. Further, if Johnson can speak of hate speech today and put Limbaugh in the category, as opposed to Jerimiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, etc., he is, one, grossly out of touch with reality, and two, a far left ideologue repeating a scurrilous and fatuous mantra in order to gain credit with his fellow far left travelers. It would seem that Charles has few if any scruples. What an opportunistic ass.

At any rate, do enjoy TNOYF's humorous Christmas offering at Johnson's expense. He is deserving of far more opprobrium, but this is a very good start.


Dinah Lord said...

Having been banned at LGF this year, I loved the "free Charles Johnson ponytail" myself.

(Those guys over at TNOYF are just plain hysterical.)

OBloodyHell said...

I'm rather surprised at this. I stopped paying attention over at LGF because it was too busy. I like an active commentariat but when, four hours after a thread goes up, there's two hundred comments, who the hell is going to read yours?

If a thread has more than 50 or so comments, it's improbable that anything you toss out there is getting much attention, as people are already moving on to the next thread.

But I started paying attention to LGF after he did his part in calling attention to Dan Rather's chicanery. I never got the impression, at that point, that he was a RINO, much less a libtard, at all.

Strange. Very strange.