Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec. 7 - Pearl Harbor Day

Today is a day to remember what was, until Sept. 11, 2001, the worst act of war on American soil in our history. On Dec. 7, 1941, a flotilla of ships from the Japanese Navy initiated an attack on our fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing thousands and wrecking destruction on our Pacific Fleet. It was, as FDR would later frame it, a "day that will live in infamy."

In the wake of the attack, no newspaper spent inordinate amounts of ink reflecting on why the Japanese attacked. No portion of our nation painted America as somehow responsible for the attack. Michael Moore of the day did not take out a full page ad asking our President to stay out of the war. George Soros did not create a network of front organizations to speak out against taking any action. FDR, who was still actually presiding over an economy in the grip of the Great Depression, did not respond by putting a time limitation on our involvement in the war because we needed to have more domestic spending. It was a different era - one before the toxins of the post modern left took full root in our society. You can read FDR's speech putting our nation on a war footing here.

And as to the men and women who died at the hands of Japan's Imperial Navy on that day of 7 December 1941, we remember your loss. It was not in vain.


Dinah Lord said...

I'm convinced the lefties will be the death of us all.

Thank you for the link to FDR's speech - I needed to read that today.


Paul_In_Houston said...

Had a VERY long work day, and am just now prowling the internet, dreading the possibility that The Won may have decided that this would be a good time to apologize to Japan, and to chastise us for "overreacting" to Pearl Harbor.


GW said...

lollll . . . . Hmmm, my memory on this is cloudy, but didnt he apologize to Japan about the use of atomic weapons to end WWII. That guy is such a putz. Was use of the weapons brutal - yes. Was use of the weapons a good idea at the time - yeppers.

I happen to like Japan. But the Japan of the 1930's was far more brutal and lawless (in terms of international law) than the Nazis ever thought of being. Indeed, it was a throwback to the medieval era of rape, pillage and burn. The rape of Nanking is possibly the most stomach churning act of modern history. For example, see

That is a video on the Rape of Nanking. Watch it in toto only if you have a strong stomach. The bottom line, in WWII, I feel no remorse about using an atomic weapon or two (or nine or ten) to bring Japan to its knees. Lots of civilians dies in that war, and Japan as a nation had no remorse for the civilians they slaughtered - after gang rape and lots of torture.

Obama apologizing for dropping the atomic weapons is based on a fundamental ignorance of history and all of its lessons.