Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen An Epic Failure, Obama Promises Repartations, "Warm War" Rolls On

From Wapo, The GREEAAAATTTT News . . . . Copenhagen was an epic failure. The bad news, the highly politicized anthropogenic global warming (AGW) cabal is not slowing down in the slightest. All of the issues raised by Climategate are being studiously ignored, meaning the juggernaught of anthropogenic global warming rolls on. The really ugly news - the Obama administration is planning to send tens of billions of dollars of our money to third world kleptocracies. In other news of note, God, it seems, really does have a sense of humor - Obama and Pelosi had to leave the global warming conference early because two feet of snow is expected to fall in Washington D.C. overnight. And it bears repeating yet again that a world record for irony was set at Copenhagen - capitalism was saved by the communist Chinese.

The Copenhagen Conference had several ambitious goals - all centered around accreting power and transferring wealth. The AGW cabal wanted Copenhagen to end in a binding legal agreement with the finalization of a treaty in Mexico in 2010. The treaty would have brought the U.S. into a global carbon trading scheme, set draconian and binding carbon reduction targets, and set up a vehicle for transferring vast sums of wealth out of the West. It would have been an end to capitalism as we have known it and the beginning of a movement towards global government. It would have meant the transfer of countless American jobs to from out of the U.S. And if the movement towards the draconian carbon reduction targets actually came to fruition, it would mean energy prices through the roof and a reduction in our standard of living perhaps to levels not seen since the nineteenth century. All the while, socialists would regulate ever more of our economy and lives while rent seekers amassaed untold wealth picked from the pockets of every American.

As to the above, what came out of Copenhagen is, in all respects but one, a truly epic failure for the forces of . . . I will call them "evil." I do not think that word too strong, as they are attempting rape, pillage, enslave and conquer the world. The only difference between them and the Mongolian horde is that these guys are wearing ties. At any rate, no agreement was signed. Instead, all the UN IPCC managed to produce was an unsigned statement of aspirational goals. Moreover, the movement to sign a binding treaty in Mexico next year is now off the table. In its stead, all will be revisited in 2016.

As to the ugly news, we have Clinton, on behalf of the Obama administration, promising that we will begin transferring wealth on a vast scale - weath that we damn well don't have and that will have to come out of the pockets of the electorate - to third world countries. This from WaPo:

The United States backed what amounts to the single biggest transfer of wealth from rich to poor nations for any one cause -- in a sense offering compensation for decades of warming the Earth.

Clinton pledged that the country would help mobilize $100 billion a year in public and private financing by 2020 -- an amount that is almost equal to the total value of all developmental aid and concessional loans granted to poor nations by the United States, Europe and other donors this year. She did not specify how much the U.S. government would commit to giving, but a senior administration official said it would be 20 to 30 percent. Administration officials said they envisioned most of the money coming from private sources, or from revenue generated by a cap-and-trade scheme, but other sources could include redirecting existing subsidies or a tax on bunker fuel.

The real rub out of Copenhagen is the manner in which our MSM and our far left radicals in the government - not the least of whom is President Obama - have studiously ignored the issues raised by Climategate. It is clear beyond any doubt that those who take AGW on faith and those who look at AGW as a means to accreting power and wealth have no intention whatsoever of being slowed by facts or questions. They control all the levers of power in the West, and with but few exceptions, are aided by a fully complicit MSM. We defeated these socialists in the Cold war. We have now moved into a new, and equally existential phase of the same conflict. Call it the Warm War.


Ex-Dissident said...

Interesting choice of words: "warm war". I wonder how hot it will get in the future. Obviously, I don't mean the weather.

Ex-Dissident said...

GW, they are a bunch of thieves who face no consequences if they get caught. Why should they restrain themselves?

OBloodyHell said...

> Instead, all the UN IPCC managed to produce was an unsigned statement of aspirational goals.

Well, there's the problem. We need to encourage them to expire, not aspire.

Amazing what a difference a single syllable can make, innit?

If they keep it up, it will necessarily move from simple encouragement to an actual process.

OBloodyHell said...

> Interesting choice of words: "warm war". I wonder how hot it will get in the future.

A couple million degrees is my bet.

Nemesis said...

The Godless have taken on Climate Change as their 'new religion' and in the fervor for their new doctrine sweep aside common sense, logic, and any compelling evidence that would expose their 'new religion' for what it truly is. These are people who have become fanatical in every sense of the word and selectively blinded and vehemenently oppose any formal debate on what they believe. Those that choose to ignore their God given common sense and logic must therefore be considered evil.

Then there are their masters, the one's who have through conspiracy and malevolent intent while inhabiting lofty places, have paved the road for the followers of the new religion to walk and convert those who deny their ideology.

These masters are the one's we must identify and publicly expose, while calling them out on their wicked plans so that those who are not blinded by indoctrination and force fed ideology may one day take their revenge.

All nations need to do this and to do it quickly before it is too late!