Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Labour, The Scales of Justice & Our Far Left

In the UK, a group of knife wielding thugs invaded a home and terrorized a family, seriously beating at least one of the family members. They ran when two of the family members managed to arm themselves with clubs. The two family members caught up with one of the thugs - who also happens to have 50 prior convictions - and administered some severe street justice. The end result, the knife wielding thug was given a "two year supervised order" - i.e., probation - and the two family members who seriously beat this career criminal after he had threatened their lives end up sentenced to jail for over two years each. You can read the whole story at the Daily Mail.

As I've blogged before, see here and here, the British justice system is an utter travesty tearing at the fabric of British society. Average citizens are given criminal records, while people convicted of serious and repeated crimes go through the revolving door of the British justice system. Under the Labour government, the British justice system has devolved to become ever more lenient in the treatment of criminals. In Britain, "rehabilitation"takes precedence over punishment. Leaving aside for a moment the moral imperative of government to punish a criminal on behalf of the victim, If history tells us anything, it is that rehabilitation in the absence of punishment rarely occurs. Most criminals merely realize that they will not be punished and carry on. The people who get the book thrown at them are common citizens who commit the ultimate sin of violating one of the left's socialist policies - or, as in this case, act in their own self defense. Rob twenty houses, get probation. Make an anti-gay reference, prepare for legal proceedings.

At the heart of today's far left is the belief that the unwashed masses must be controlled by their governing superiors. At the turn of the 20th century, British citizens were able to carry weapons, including hand guns, and it was a much more crime free society. Today, but a decade into the 21st century, not only can you not own a hand gun or a rifle in Britain, you are not even allowed anything as innocuous as pepper spray or CS gas. The Labour government is utterly convinced that its subjects are incapable of acting responsibly and must themselves be completely disarmed and dissuaded by police power from all but the most limited acts of self defense.

The thing that ought to scare readers on this side of the pond is the realization that the far left who have run Britain for the better part of the past six decades are mirror images of are own far left. Everything that Obama is seeking to install in America is already in place in Britain. If you want to know where the path leads that our far left wants to take, you need look no further than the UK. And indeed, note that the UK is no longer even a country. It is now subdivided into separate provinces of the EU. That was accomplished without even a vote of the people, despite a promise to allow a referendum. The far left of the UK has no respect for participatory democracy. Neither does our own far left government. These people are dangerous.


suek said...

"At the heart of todays far left is the belief that the unwashed masses must be controlled"

This I agree with.

" - they/we cannot be trusted to act responsibly."

Here, I disagree. This isn't about "responsibility", it's about terrorizing responsible citizens into a form of political correctness that in the USSR permitted offenders of the State's political diktats to be sent into Siberia. The criminals have become agents of the State. Those you are consider "responsible" citizens are the ones that can't be trusted.

It's enough to bring one to tears. Or in the case of the US, to learn more about weaponry and such.

OBloodyHell said...

A Clockwork Orange.

Viddy well, my foul and faithful droogs.

Viddy well.