Saturday, February 2, 2008

Iran Threatening Reprecussions If Geert Wilder's Film About the Koran Is Shown

It was only a few weeks ago that Iran's Ahmedinejad stated that that Europe would be made an Islamic continent within 12 years. Now, with Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a man living under a death threat in his country, preparing to release a film pointing out aspects of the Koran that are barbaric and wholly in conflict with Western values, we have another Iranian warning the Dutch that if they allow Mr. Wilders his right to free speech, all of Islam will be mobilized against the Netherlands.

This today from the Telegraph:

Dutch soldiers serving with Nato in Afghanistan will face new threats if their country allows the broadcast of an anti-Islamic film, Bozorgmehr Ziaran, Iran's ambassador to the Netherlands, has said.

He announced his intention to rally global Muslim opinion against plans by Geert Wilders, the maverick Dutch MP, to show a short movie attacking the Koran.

Mr Ziaran also fuelled fears of a violent backlash by issuing a veiled threat that Dutch troops would be regarded as "representatives of people who besmirch the Koran".

"Afghans will view these troops as there to take our power, to destroy us and to ruin our values," he told De Volkskrant newspaper.

But Mr Wilders, the controversial leader of the anti-immigration Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) has vowed to ignore "daily death threats" and pressure from the authorities by broadcasting his film next month on the Koran, which he compares to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

"The serious threats to my life and the Dutch government's panicked response to my film underline the truth of what I am saying. The Koran is dangerous," he said.

. . . Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch prime minister, has given warning of a "national crisis" if Mr Wilders broadcasts his attack.

. . . European Union officials have also been consulted over predictions that the film could see a repeat of the global anti-Western backlash that followed the publication of Danish cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed two years ago.

Mr Wilders, who sees himself as the successor to Pim Fortuyn, the murdered anti-immigration Dutch politician, argues that the one million Muslims living in Holland should renounce parts of their religion or leave.

"I believe Christians and Jews have a lot in common, but the Koran is a non-liberal book, preaching totalitarianism and the hatred of women," he said.

Job Cohen, Amsterdam's mayor, succeeded in keeping the city calm after the murder in 2004 by a Dutch Muslim of the filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who had also made an anti-Islamic film.

Mr Cohen, who is Jewish, accused Mr Wilders of deliberately stoking tensions and used a speech to mark this week's Holocaust Memorial Day to warn against the "dehumanising" of communities.

Read the entire article. That Mr. Cohen should make such remarks is particularly disgusting. I say that not because he is jewish, but rather because of his role as an apologist for the Salafists destroying his city. And the problem of growing Salifization is a problem in most major cities in the Netherlands, as this story about Antwerp shows.

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Anonymous said...

The very fact that radical, militant Muslims mince no words about their hatred of Jews, Westerners and whoever else, proves their intolerance. They are allowed to express their hatred but no one else has the same freedoms, that goes over like a lead balloon. The rest of the world better take heed or our freedoms will be taken away by the so-called political correctness and lack of backbone to stand up for what is right and good.