Saturday, February 2, 2008

Policing In A Multicultural Socialist State

Modern Britain is a laboratory of sorts, that allows one to view what can happen to a country when it adopts multiculturalism and embraces socialism. One area in which the results are easy to catalouge is in policing.


Socialism impacts upon policing in Britain because the police are placed under centralized control by the state. Socialism and multiculturalism combine in the desire of the state above all to give the appearance of fighting crime - and appearances and statistics matter far more to the central government than the reality, though it is very important to the central government that, in keeping up appearances, they do not allow the police to upset any minority electoral category deemed necessary for their election. And then add to this witches brew a crime wave from uncontolled immigration.

All of this means that police in the UK, through no fault of their own, are far less responsive to the locality they serve, they're ability to actually police is restricted by a ton of regulation, and their efforts are quite often directed into ridiculous schemes by the central government that have nothing to do with getting crime off the streets.

One can see the real effect of this in two ways. One, it pops up in the public view in a big way every so often when things boil over. Two, it pops up at least every few days on the most intelligent and well written police blog in the UK, The Police Inspector's Blog. And here is what he has to say today:

We are very nearly finished in Ruralshire Constabulary. It is chaos and it can only be a matter of days. Someone has to turn off the life support machine.

Politically Correct to the point of insanity (Home Office ‘Equalities’ Circular Number 10 of November 2002 is now being enforced in Ruralshire - this bans the use of the terms ‘homosexual or homosexuality’ and demands the use of the term ‘gay’ instead ) and immersed in the enormous chaos of another complete reorganisation of the Divisions various units, we are literally imploding.

We have just had to take another twenty or so officers off the streets to provide the staff for three new units. These units will be fighting a desperate rear-guard action for the next few months to increase our performance in the Customer Satisfaction area. These officers are not actually going to do anything to help our ‘customers’, they are simply going to concentrate on making hundreds of calls to victims to check their satisfaction levels.

The victims don’t have to actually be satisfied, they just have to be spoken to about whether they are satisfied.

Others will be systematically trawling through old crime reports to try and squeeze the very last ‘detections’ out of the system before the end of the financial year. This has very real implications for the public.

It means hunting down every last child, old person or working parent and hounding them to accept a ticket or Caution for minor criminal offences like swearing in the street after dropping a bottle of milk, throwing cream cakes in the playground or sending a nasty text after a relationship break-up.

The Constables taken away from Response to do these jobs absolutely hate it. I have had a queue outside my door all day. Each one with a grievance about the attachment, each one trusting in me to stop this madness, and each one ultimately disappointed.

Even if I wanted to tow the party line and ’spin’ the whole thing I can’t because no one bothered to consult or even inform the Inspectors about it. I don’t even know what the party line is on this madness. As usual in public service, this is something that has been done to us, not with us.

And honest, hard working and committed police officers like me will be hit from three directions. Bullied by senior managers for target results, hounded by public complaints about the way we now operate and made to look stupid and cowardly by the media, life has become almost unbearable.

You will read about the ludicrous way we police these days and probably take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t. It’s all true, and in spades. If we are doing it in Ruraltown, they are doing it everywhere.

Do visit the inspector's blog. And see his related posts here, here, and here.

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