Friday, February 1, 2008

Interesting News - 1 February 2008

Behind Obama’s soaring rhetoric, his post-partisan promises, his Kennedyesque visions, lies . . . the member of Congress with the single most far left voting record of 2007.

I’ve been meaning to write on Obama a more, but each time I have readied the quill, I’ve found that Bookworm Room has expressed my thoughts in a post of her own and done so more eloquently then I could have. Do see her post on the Great Bloviator and this one, where she asks the very pertinent question in light of his voting record, What Will Obama Change?

Hillary is every bit the liberal that Obama is, and indeed, her socialist economic views could be disastrous. Beyond that, Victor David Hanson opines that whether the Democratic nominee is Clinton or Obama, their views are so dangerous and so far to the left that any conservative angst over McCain will disappear by midsummer. That said, there is a tremendous amount of huffing and puffing at the moment.

JoshuaPundit has pulled together some incisive punditry looking at the political lessons to be learned from the campaign to date.

Apparently, being a leftie is a genetic disease.

The Economist has a damning indictment of the performance of the U.S. intelligence community with the seditious NIE on Iran’s Nuclear Weapon’s Program which, as the Economist notes, was written even as "the enrichment machine spins on." You can read Reza Pahlavi thoughts on all of this here.

Also from the Economist: "Who would have thought that a friendless theocracy with a Holocaust-denying president, which hangs teenagers in public and stones women to death, could run diplomatic circles around America and its European allies? But Iran is doing just that. And it is doing so largely because of an extraordinary own goal by America's spies, the team behind the duff intelligence that brought you the Iraq war."

Red Alerts has a good post on the fallacy of grievance based terrorism.

Lionheart will be returning to the UK today. This is the blogger facing arrest for his criticism of Islam on his blog.

Who is Hesham Islam and why is he directing our DOD to make outreach efforts to the American chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood?

And why is our DNC appointing a radical Deobandi cleric, Imam Malik Mujahid to the DNC credentials committee? From LGF via Jawa Report.

I say we need to work with the locals to establish a Berkley Awakening Council.

Are we entering into a (hopefully) Little Ice Age?

Cat at Brits at Their Best discusses a point that I’ve made previously. The Britain of today now has a tyranny of Parliament. There are no substantive checks and balances within Britain’s current form of government. Cat discusses this within the historical irony of the first earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, who established the first political party in order to fight against what he saw as the tyranny of the Crown. Now things have come full circle, with the majority party, Labour, exercising the powers of a tyrant.

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