Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The BBC Goes Dhimmi

Christianity has been under attack by the left since the days of the French Revolution. It is part of their larger attack on the foundations of traditional society. The latest left wing salvo comes in Britain, a Christian nation for over a millenium, and it comes from the BBC - that wildly left wing organization wholly and coercively funded on the British taxpayer's pence. The BBC has opted to place a Muslim in charge of its religous programming.

This from the Daily Mail:

The BBC yesterday appointed a Muslim as its head of religious programming in a radical departure from broadcasting tradition.

The post - considered one of the most influential religious roles in the country - has gone to Aaqil Ahmed, who has been working as an executive at Channel 4.
The appointment will cause dismay among the Christian churches.

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams raised concerns over the prospect of a Muslim head of religious broadcasting during a meeting with the corporation's director general Mark Thompson in March.

It comes at a time of deepening worries among Christian leaders that their faith is being sidelined and downgraded by authorities.

Both Dr Williams and Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu have made repeated public complaints over the indifference and occasional hostility to Christianity shown in Whitehall and from other authorities.

Last year the BBC gave the job of producing its most popular and longrunning religious programme, Songs of Praise, to a Sikh, Tommy Nagra.

The Church of England points out that 70 per cent of the population of Britain professes to be Christian, but only 3 per cent are Muslims. . . .

This really is grotesque. Note that there is an fine blog across the pond devoted to exposing the perfidy of the BBC. It is approrpiately named, Biased BBC. As one of the commentors to that story noted, "The self loathing of the English intelligentsia knows no limits."

(H/T Dinah Lord)


Dinah Lord said...

This just floored me, GW. Imagine just for one moment the Saudi Broadcasting Company (if there is such a thing) appointing a Christian to head up its religious programming.

Like that's going to happen.

It's crazy.

(thanks for the lovely h/t)

Ex-Dissident said...

Dinah, imagine a Marxist giving speeches at a Catholic university? Imagine proclaiming that this Marxist is a regular member of a christian church, and electing him to represent the US. Our world is completely insane.

billm99uk said...


I shouldn't worry about it. Considering what your typical BBC producer thinks about Christianity, I should imagine a 'moderate' Muslim would probably be more 'pro-Christian' than anyone else there...

GW said...

Lol. That is a funny, though quite sad indictment.