Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clearly, Reeducation Is Required

Global Warming and the need for green energy have been taught as dogma in our schools for years. Young minds have been spoon fed screenings of Al Gore's An Inconveinient Truth. Daily students are told that the destruction of earth is just around the corner. And still it is not enough - at least for students at Selkirk High School in Scotland. When surveyors asked the students what they thought the best use of a patch of local land might be - with the approved answer being to use it for a wind farm - what the surveyors got instead were votes for a brothel or a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. Heh. Well, in the interests of keeping this a PG blog, I will refrain from ribald commentary on the various similarities between those seemingly disparate choices. Regardless, and to make matters worse, the wind farm was explicitly voted down by the students. To the surveyors, this was problematic indeed. Said Dr. Neil, this "demonstrates there must be more done to get the message across." Let the reeducation commence.

(H/T EU Referendum)

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Dinah Lord said...

A chill went down my spine when I read that part about more "needing to be done to get the message across".

My God, these people are frightening.