Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pelosi Declares War On The CIA - Updated

Nancy Pelosi is arguably clinically insane. That was my assessment long ago. She is so madly partisan that, for her, reality is whatever she wants it to be. Her current attempts to deceive America only strengthen my opinion.

Pelosi, being hammered at every turn for her lies and obvious deceits as regards her briefing on waterboarding in 2002, has now thrown down the gauntlet. She has accused the CIA of deliberately misleading her on whether waterboarding was used in her 2002 briefing. This from the Washington Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today accused the CIA of "misleading" her on the use of harsh interrogation techniques in the fall of 2002, acknowledging for the first time publicly she knew alleged terrorist detainees were subjected to waterboarding more than six years ago.

Pelosi called for the CIA to release detailed portions of her own September 2002 briefing about interrogation techniques, saying that at that time she was told the CIA was not waterboarding detainees. After weeks of sticking to prior statements that she then was never "briefed" about waterboarding's use, Pelosi today said her top security adviser was part of a briefing in February 2003 in which he learned interrogators were waterboarding terrorists.

Later, government reports showed that a high value al Qaeda detainee had been subjected to waterboarding 83 times in August 2002, weeks before Pelosi's briefing on the matter. . . .

One could well imagine that the CIA will answer this challenge in many ways. Democrats complained - ridiculously - that the CIA is out to get them when they responded to Rep. Pete Hoeksta's prior request for information on who was briefed. I would imagine that, unless political appointee Leon Panetta lets Sandy Burger in to cleanse all the files, the Dems have not seen anything yet.

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Paul_In_Houston said...

AJStrata has a good piece on this…

Truth Commission’s First Victim: Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
"By making the charge the CIA lied she has opened herself up to proving this charge. She has opened the door to a full investigation".