Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Lying SOB and the Lying SOB's That Cover For Him

I posted below on the cynical and baseless refusal of the Obama administration to make public the two documents requested by former VP Dick Cheney and that Cheney claims will clearly establish both the value and necessity of waterboarding. Obama has already released redacted OLC memos that have exposed our intelligence tactics for his own partisan purposes. This is a national security matter on which thousands, if not millions of American lives may rest. The left has politicized this issue to gain political power. We as a nation are, at this point, entitled to full disclosure and a true national debate on this issue. That is, I would think, self evident. It is now equally clear that the Obama Administration does not want that.

So how does WaPo report on this decision to deny production of the two Cheney requested memos? These equally lying s.o.b.'s neglect to mention the decisive fact - that the OLC memos already released by Obama were subject to the same FOIA litigation that the Obama administration is now relying on to deny production of the Cheney memos. In other words, Obama can declassify these two memos with "a wave of his hand." The failure to acknowledge that singularly relevant fact a lie by omission that makes WaPo's story a wholly misleading one. And then WaPo finishs with:

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.), a member of the Senate intelligence committee, said at a hearing yesterday that the documents cited by Cheney did not make a persuasive case.

"Nothing I have seen -- including the two documents to which former vice president Cheney has repeatedly referred -- indicates that the torture techniques authorized by the last administration were necessary, or that they were the best way to get information out of detainees," Feingold said.

Well, if Russ Feingold says it, why that's definitive, right? He's obviously non-partisan and trustworthy. That WaPo went to him for their concluding quote, suggesting that this is a non-issue not worthy of further public inquiry, shows WaPo to be as thoroughly corrupt as the thugocracy they are attempting to protect at all costs. Interestingly, WaPo could have sustituted for Feingold almost the exact same quote from Obama himself at the 100 days news conference, but that would have made this issue too clear.

The WaPo has spun this as far as they possibly can to favor the administration. For its part, the NYT did not deem this a newsworthy event in its print edition. It apparently has made the Caucus blog on the NYT website, but the information given there is even less illuminating than that provided by WaPo.

I try not to ever curse on these pages, but I am now so livid I can't see straight. Let there be no doubt, we are at war in this country. Its a civil war. And these s.o.b.'s in the MSM and on the left, led by the One himself, will destroy this nation if they are not utterly exposed and defeated first.

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suek said...

Absolutely. And along with your post on corruption, make the case that we _need_ for someone to somehow stand up and demand the Birth Certificate.

Otherwise, we've got four more years of this or something more drastic.