Saturday, May 9, 2009

Predators, Prey & The Results Of This Week's Vote At The Watcher's Council

Each week, the Watcher's Council holds a contest for best post. The Council members submit a post they have written and one post by someone outside the Council for consideration. The Watcher tallies the votes and announces the winners each Friday. The theme of the winning posts this week was summed up by the watcher as a look at predators and prey on the international stage. Those posts - and the results of this weeks vote are:

There was a tie in the voting for best Council post this week. Bookworm Room's post, Predators and Prey, was one of those tied. You really need to read this one if you haven't yet. Ms. BWR analogizes the predator and prey strategies of animals in Yellowstone National Park with countries in the world today. It is BWR at her creative and insightful best.

Tieing with her, and getting the benefit of a tie breaking vote from the Watcher, was my post, Waiting For The Iranian Shoe To Drop, a look at the ever growing threat from Iran.

In the Non-Coucil category, the winning post, What Do I Think of the Arab-Israeli Conflict? Answers to a Questionnaire by The Augean Stables, is another must read. The author conveys with great brevity and lucidity ideas on the nature of the Palestine/Israel problem and the larger problem with Wahhabi Islam that I both agree with and have been arguing for years - though not with his cogency.

The full results of the voting were are at the Watcher's site, along with his own interesting take on the last week. It is well worth a read. Do visit his site.

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