Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Lot Of Insanity Across The Pond (Updated)

The socialists running Britain are nuts. How nuts? Well, here are some of the news items in today's Daily Mail. Decide for yourself:

1. Health & Safety Nazis: A town hall has been banned by a health and safety inspector from flying the Union Flag on Armed Forces Day as climbing 8ft to reach the pole is 'too dangerous'. Story here.

2. A Right To Gay Sex In Public Areas: A local resident was upset that gay men were having sex in a nearby public area where families and children congregate. When police did nothing in response to his complaints, he filmed some of the gay men and posted it to a website. For that, he was arrested and, today, sentenced to four months in prison - suspended for a year and a half - and ordered to do 200 hours of community service. At trial, he was labeled "homophobic" by the prosecutor and was told by the Judge, "'Your actions were premeditated and quite deliberate in targeting a group of people we would describe as vulnerable." Story here.

3. And In A Related Story: "Dozens of police stations lowered the Union Flag and replaced it with a gay rights banner to mark a day of action against homophobia." That kind of puts the story above in a bit more perspective. The socialists in Britian have, as their current cause celebre, gays as a victim class and thus, entitled to special and unequal treatment. This is nothing more than a variant of the radical multiculturalism the left is using to destroy traditional British society. Story here.

4. Get Them While They Are Young: BBC unveils animated, yoga-loving hippies that teach children to get in touch with their emotions. Just what kids need today, lessons in narcissim and how to be as screwed up as the 60's generation now doing so much to screw up Western Civilization. Story here. As Lenin said: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

5. Petty Bureaucrats Out Of Control: A woman was forced to leave a public pool when she began breastfeeding her baby. The baby and the teet were under cover so that nothing was exposed. Nonetheless, she was tossed because . . . . no food or drink was allowed in the pool area. Story here.

6. The British Army Can Now Pack Up - They Are Done As A Fighting Force - Why is that you might ask. Because the looney left has now decided to allow civil suits to be brought in court to challenge wartime decision making. "The judgment . . . makes the Ministry of Defence liable to civil prosecutions by families who claim that the treatment of soldiers who have died on operations overseas might have breached their human rights." This is beyond insanity, really. See story.

7. (Update) - A True Orwellian Nanny State: This one is a few days old, but I have to add it. Local Councils are recruiting and training children as young as seven to become snoops for any violation of local laws, such as neighbors having an overfilled trash bin or putting the bins out on the wrong day (both of which are now heavilly fined - about an equivalent of $200). Somebody tell these nuts that Orwell wrote fiction as a warning, not as a blueprint. Story here. A hat tip for this one to Dinah Lord.


MK said...

Britain is the perfect example of what bureaucratic scumbags and leftists can do to a nation. It's sad.

Paul_In_Houston said...

Robert A. Heinlein's "Crazy Years" are upon us.


Dinah Lord said...

Man oh man. Talk about nuts. IIRC, there was an article in the Daily Mail a few days ago about some local council government's using kids as young as 7 to snoop on their neighbors for putting their garbage bins out too early or on the wrong day...

Out of control.

Anonymous said...

You better hope to God that the Demorats aren't going to take these crazy-assed socialist ideas from Britain and apply them in America.

suek said...

Anonymous at 12:39...

If you think they won't, you're nuts. Think USSR with an ecological bent. Anything to find out who is not with the program...malcontents, in other words. Malcontents can be a threat to the government - ferret them out and remove them from the population.