Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Will Surely Improve His Image

If you follow British politics, you know that the Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is a deeply unpopular socialist politician who has no chance of surviving the next election. Indeed, the other day, he was described in the press as "dead politician walking." One of the charges against Brown is that he acts imperiously. It was about a year ago that he unilaterally signed Britain's sovereignty over to the EU without allowing the public a promised referendum. Yesterday, Brown produced a YouTube video in a doomed-before-it-began effort to rouse the British population. Part of this was shot at a school with a WWII montage dotting the walls:

That's bound to endear him more to the public. Obviously, even his photographer and handlers - to allow that shot to be taken - are ready for this guy to make his final exit.

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billm99uk said...

I think you'll find that's a school photo-op rather than the (now infamous) Youtube video (on MP's expenses) which you can find here:

It appears Gordon has been taking advice from a media consultant who's advised him to smile more often, hence what one commentator has described as his "death's head grin" at random points throughout the missive.