Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WaPo's Hard Hitting Journalism On Bush & Obama (UPDATED)

There are two major stories in the Washington Post today regarding arguably unethical efforts to influence decisions. As to Bush, there is this front page story:

Bush Officials Try to Alter Ethics Report

Focus Is Approval of Harsh Interrogations

Former Bush administration officials have launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to urge Justice Department leaders to soften an ethics report criticizing lawyers who blessed harsh detainee interrogation tactics, according to two sources familiar with the efforts. . . .

Read the entire article. An equally informative article, also on the front page, takes the Obama administration to task for their unethical and outrageous attempts to intimidate Chrysler's secured creditors into forgoing their rights in favor of the UAW:

Obama Officials Threaten Chrysler Creditors

Obama Administration Strong Arms Secured Creditors To Favor UAW

Obama officials negotiating the reorganization of Chrysler have been accused by attorney's for Chrysler's secured creditors of making extortionate threats in order to force an agreement with the Obama plan. While bankruptcy law would recognize the claims of the secured creditors as senior to other claims, the plan put forth by the Obama administration would favor the UAW at the expense of the secured creditors. When these charges were first made by attorney Thomas Lauria, the White House issued a blanket denial, but new information . . .

Read the entire . . . . nah, I'm just kidding. Only the first article is real. The second concerns an event apparently not deemed newsworthy by our MSM.

Update: This is moving into the realm of the Orewllian. The Washington Post now in fact has an article on its web page concerning the Chrysler bankruptcy proceeding. They studiously ignore the charges of abuse of power and extortionate threats by the Obama administration while highlighting Obama's message that those opposed to his massive give away to Big Labour at their expense are merely greedy:

Document Reveals Hedge Funds Opposed to Chrysler Sale

A small group of hedge funds revealed their identities today as the force behind the battle to stop the government-orchestrated sale of Chrysler, according to a court document. . . .

The lenders were sharply criticized by President Obama last week, who blamed them for forcing the third-largest U.S. automaker into bankruptcy. Obama had characterized the group as selfish "speculators." . . .

Read the entire article. This really is surreal. I can recall no point in the history of the U.S. where the MSM as a whole has been so corrupted as to play an active role in covering for an administration.

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