Saturday, May 30, 2009

Links On Saturday

Doug Ross has continued his work on Dealergate. Despite what you have read, this one is far from done yet. And Doug even gets some surprising help from Olby.

Doug Ross was also kind enough to include me in his collection of links. Do please pay him a visit.

Pirates Man Your Women, taking stock of the calamity of the first six months, asks of Obama, "what is next burning the Constitution using the Flag?" Heh.

You can read my post below on the Nancy Pelosi and the left's plans for a massive expansion of government and taxation using the excuse of limiting carbon emissions. I include in there a mention of the internationalists who want to soak the U.S. with a carbon tax payable to the UN for redistribution to third world countries who have supposedly suffered injury due to global warming. And here is a story today on the Global Humanitarian Forum (GHF) who plan to move this issue to the top of the list at the next IPCC / UN Summit in Copenhagen. They claim 315,000 deaths last year due to global warming. Given that the world has been on a cooling spell for the last seven years, excuse me if I might think the numbers a bit cooked and the motivation not quite as stated.

And in a couple of related notes, across the pond, Bishop Hill actually goes behind the story to see how the numbers were cooked. A.J. Strata notes that "Global warming BS is popping up everywhere." Meanwhile, the boys at Crusader Rabbit have taken a look at their local forecast (brrrrrr) and are now casting about to find something to burn, hoping to release more carbon dioxide in their local atmosphere.

The Paragraph Farmer offers some cogent thoughts on the religion in America and the rewriting of history. You can also find an exceptional speech on the canard of a "wall between church and state" and the damage it has wrought by the brother of William Buckley.

Ted Leddy documents with distate the return to sectarianism in Ireland, telling the story of the 49 year old father beaten to death by a gang of hooligans following a Catholic versus Protestant soccer match.

I wonder, when I see things like this, if the Brits think doing away with the death penalty was a good thing.

Stop the ACLU notes that even the NYT is a bit miffed at Obama's naked cronyism in choosing ambassadors.

Peace through superior firepower at Ace of Spades HQ. It beats the hell out of the M203 Grenade Launcher.

At A Corner of Tenth Century Europe, there is a fascinating discussion of ancient coinage and economies.

Darwinism proven in the negative at the Whited Sepulchre.

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