Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playing Politics With . . . .

The RNC's Nancy Pelosi spy ad is back up. See what you think.

It was taken off of Youtube yesterday though it has since been reposted. Finally having seen it, I think it's clever and dead on point. It is in no way inherently controversial or risque.

The left is going into full feigned outrage over the ad, claiming it is code for some sort of anti-feminist rant because the music and some of the scenery comes from the 1964 James Bond flick, Goldfinger. The female villian of that movie was Pussy Galore. Apparently, CBS's recent explicit reference to Dick Cheney as "a dick" is okay, but anything that can be remotely twisted by the left as a risque reference to one of their own, why that's just unacceptable, isin't it?

But in truth, there is no explicit reference whatsoever in this ad to Nancy Pelosi being "Pussy Galore." There is nothing but reference after reference to Pelosi smearing the CIA for her own partisan purpose - all of which logically fits neatly within a James Bond motif. And indeed, "Pussy Galore," as a name, is no more risque than, say, "Vagina Monologues." I have yet to hear the left claim how demeaning that title was. And lastly, as far as the feminism complaints go, after watching today's "feminists" go after Sarah Palin with knives drawn in an effort to utterly destroy her, color me cynical for not crediting these partisan hypocrites with even a patina of credibility. They can go pound sand as far as I am concerned.

Hot Air panned the ad, but that is because they thought it was too easilly criticized by the left as injecting gender into the Pelosi-CIA flap. I disagree. The last thing we need to do at this point is censor ourselves over something this benign because the left will go into full feigned outrage mode. Let them go into that mode and meet them head on, exposing their rhetorical devices and their bias. We will win more, I think, than we will lose at this point, as America is coming to see just how hypocritical the One's rhetoric has been.

At any rate, all in all, a great ad I think. What say you?


suek said...

I say that one of Alinsky's rules was "make them live up to their own rules - to the letter"

So the effort is to limit one side without limiting the other side. As far as I'm concerned, their rules are the PC rules.

Go ahead and break them - all of them!

GW said...

Point well made, Suek, and I could not agree more.

cdor said...

"You are not playing nice", they protest, as they twist their knives deeper into our backs.