Friday, May 15, 2009

CIA Beginning The Drip

In either her second or third generation excuse for failing to take a stand against waterboarding when she was finally told about it (hey, if Pelosi can't keep this stuff straight, how do you expect me to), Pelosi claims that the CIA merely "notified" her of what the CIA was doing. Some oversight, eh? According to Speaker Pelosi, she didn't object because she was constrained, impotent, wholly unable to protest and with no avenue by which to register her abhorance.

It is being reported on Fox News tonight that in 2004, the Bush administration considered a secret CIA-run plan to counter Iran's meddling in Iraqi elections. Pelosi was briefed on the plan and strenuously objected. She personally hunted down Condi Rice and complained until it was agreed that the CIA would not conduct the operation. Thus it would seems that, on the issue of waterboarding, Pelosi's claim of the lack of any avenue through which to register her objection - a ludicrous proposition on its face - is also demonstrably false.

Now, I wonder . . . just how that story got out to the press. I'd give better than even odds that it originated somewhere in CIA headquarters at Langley. Let the leaking commence. I'm going to put on the popcorn and get a beer out of the fridge. This should be some first class entertainment.


suek said...

Isn't that cartoon backwards? It appears that Pelosi is doing the "drip drip drip"...shouldn't Pelosi be the "drippee" and the CIA be the "drip-per"?

GW said...

lol. . . . yes, you're right, but couldn't find the appropriate cartoon. This one at least had the drip motif, so . . . . went with what I had

MK said...

It's amazing how that woman can lie so much and get away with it. One must ask, does pelosi even know what the truth is anymore? Does she even know what it means.