Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hail To The Beef

The Anchoress has a collection of the notes found "around or on the tables of big-time professional journalists" after the conclusion of the Washington Correspondent's Dinner honoring the One. Its hilarious. Do click on the link. H/T Bookworm Room . . . media sluts indeed.


suek said...

Ummm...it's also fake. Ok...so maybe fake but true.

Anchoress says she made them up.

I guess that doesn't mean that they're not true...but nobody actually got it in writing...!

GW said...

Yes, its fake. But the humor I found in it was that I actually had to wait until I read the Anchoress's comments below the "notes" before I could be sure it was fake. The best humor is built on an element of truth is, I believe, the old saying.

Dinah Lord said...


"Mrs. Norah Obama!!!"
"(Keep the monogram!!!)"
Loved it, GW. And you are right about humor and truth. There's also this old chestnut:

"Many a truth is said in jest."