Saturday, May 2, 2009

Londonistan Sojourn

It has been known for at least two decades that if you are a jihadi living in the West, the place to be is in Britain. With the Labour government in place, nowhere else could you be made to feel so welcome as you plotted the downfall of the West. Not only that, but you could have multiple wives and, now at least, all of you can live off the taxpayer's pence. Allah Akbar indeed.

Then there is the real added bonus. If the evil U.S. asked for your extradition - you could sit back on your taxpayer paid sofa, smoking your taxpayer funded hookah, and have a good laugh as the extradition hearings dragged on for over a decade - your defense being led by your taxpayer funded lawyers. Inshallah.

And so it has been for "three associates of Osama bin-Laden" the U.S. has been trying to extradite from the UK for over ten years. The cost to the British taxpayer in legal fees alone has been close to a million dollars. I am sure it is many times that when all of the money these three terrorist enablers and their extended families have collected on the public pence is added up.

The Washington Post has the story, though what they do not have is anything that remotely sounds like a viable reason for delaying extradition for over a decade. The Labour apologists are in full waffle mode as they try to justify their allowing this to drag out. And all the while, the public keeps paying. What a travesty. Read the article here.


MK said...

Yeah, Britain definitely is the place to be for western-hating muslims, that's thanks to the left. It's also the place to be for criminals and all sorts of vermin.

But it's not the place for old soldiers who fought for Britain, not the place for good, honest folk either. Thanks to the left.

Here's to hoping Labour is tossed out on their diseased asses soon.

Paul_In_Houston said...

Not only that; notice (in the picture) the cop standing behind him to insure that his sorry ass doesn't get clobbered by anyone for waving that sign around.

That he is protected while venting on you (a fact taken for granted by you) is an irony beyond his ken.


GW said...

Yes, that was one of my reason for choosing that photo. And though there are several like that one floating about the net, I picked this one because the bobby looked so bored by it all.