Friday, January 18, 2008

An Afghanistan Strategy Debate

Belmont Club has an extensive and informative update on strategic arguments being played out over Afghanistan. There is discord with America on two levels. For one, and as I posted on here, NATO is not succeeding in adequately manning and conducting operations in Afghanistan. But the issue goes beyond that. Our allies apparently believe that we should attempt to negotiate a peace with the Taliban and bring them into the government.

Do read the entire post. My own thought is that there is no basis upon which a peace can be negotiated with the Taliban. Musharref has tried it in Pakistan and the Brits have tried it in Afghanistan, both with utterly disastrous results. The Taliban now threatens the government of Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. Further, the Taliban could never be trusted to break its natural alliance with al Qaeda. Destroying the Taliban in their current safe havens seems the only viable option.

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Dinah Lord said...

You are speaking truth to power with this one, GW. I'm not sure if NATO & the Brits are trying to create an Anbar Awakening scenario in Afghanistan/Pakistan or what. If that's what they are trying to do with those crazy mo-fos, they are on a fool's errand.

The Taliban cannot be negotiated with, end of story. We just need to get 'r done and drain that swamp. (I don't think that's not going to happen with the Frontier Corps.)

And given that the US is sending 3000 of our brave troops into Afghanistan this is a debate that needs to be had.

Cheers - Dinah