Saturday, January 19, 2008

Interesting News - 19 January 2008

Silencing free speech in the blogosphere . . . now in Israel and in Finland. In Belarus, they have jailed an editor for blasphemy for reprinting the Danish cartoons. The left cannot tolerate free speech. There is nothing "liberal" about the modern left.

And how's this for a bit of insanity. In the future, all Islamic terrorism designed to promote the creating of a world wide caliphate shall, in Britain, be refered to as anti-Islamic acts. George Orwell goes dhimmi.

I posted the other day on a WSJ article incisively noting that the essence of intolerance was to dehumanize those who disagree with you and to portray them as evil. It is a complete rejection of intellectual honesty and classical liberalism. So, in that vein, how do you think global warming skeptics are being portrayed?

And the rule of thumb, I always thought, was that when you are under attack, the appropriate reaction is a response with overwhelming force. Failing to react is simply an invitation to more attacks.

Ghandi may not agree with my thoughts above, but then again, as Victor David Hanson points out, the current Ghandi seems to have a warped vision of the cause of violence in the world today. Some field work may be required.

The Shield of Achilles asks "Am I still considered an "islamophobe" or a right-wing alarmist if I say that the Netherlands really has a problem?" Read his post and decide for yourself. I think the problem is at least duplicated in the UK. And as we speak, the Dutch gird their loins for a bit of rioting by members of the Religion of Peace.

Righttruth has a terrorism round-up. And Red Alerts has a counter-jihad round-up. Then there is this good round-up from Soob. All are well worth a read. As is this bit of link-whoring poetry.

Tajikistan, a Muslim country, apparently is looking for a bit of separation between mosque and state.

And if your going to embrace left wing non-violence, keying a marines car is not an appropriate way to express your belief. Justice has been served in the case of Jay Grodner.

So what’s worse, Guantanamo Bay or the plight of women in the Middle East? Wajiha Al-Huweidar thinks it’s the latter.

Withn the ranks of the anti-war left is a large contingent that wants the U.S. to fail in Iraq. As one liberal surprisingly framed it, "[t]hat is a malevolent righteousness that properly repels most Americans." Q&O has the story.

American Digest has the latest stupid science round-up.

Where can one find the world biggest rubber stamp? Apparently across the pond in the UK Parliament which just approved a massive transfer of wealth to the EU after only a bit more than 3 hours of debate. As the EU Referendum calculates, that works out to a transfer of British tax dollars at a rate of "£481 million a minute." Part of the reason for the short debate was to hide the demise of UK’s rebate from the EU. As it stands now, the UK’s "net contributions to the EU will increase from an already horrendously large £4.7 billion to £6.8 billion in 2011." It is a mark of how rotted the government is across the pond that the Tories put up no fight against this. This really is a socialist coup. Its getting to sound like time for a Tea Party of sorts. I am sure we can cobble some Mohawk Indian costumes together for a reasonable price if any of our British brethren would care to rent them for a night or two. Read the post here.


Dinah Lord said...

Well done, GW. Enjoyed the Fulham Reactionary site and the link-whoring poetry. Hah-hah.

But after reading about that EU business in the UK I felt a little queasy. I'm getting bad vibes on that whole UK situation. Or is it just me?


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Thanks for having enough deficiency in taste to link to my poetic efforts.
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Allen In Fort Worth, AKA Whited Sepulchre

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Foehammer has been silenced!

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Thanks GW for the link.

WS, to my knowledge, GW and I have never met.

GW said...

WS - Soob is correct. I do not know him, nor for that matter any other blogger on a personal basis.