Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting News - 14 January 2008

This is hilarious. All the reasons to vote for Fred, Part II

(H/T Blogs of War)

Normalcy returns to Baghdad, block by block.

Do read this eloquent posting from the Covenant Zone on the Danish Cartoons, the prosecution of Ezra Levant, and the left’s defining cult of victimhood ascendant in Canada today.

Read this superb roundup on the situation in Pakistan from Dinah Lord. And do see this on the plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower.

From the Int’l Herald Tribune: "Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi received an Islamist death threat Friday in a letter containing two bullets that was sent to a newspaper owned by his family's media empire. . . In September 2001, when Berlusconi was prime minister, he inflamed the Muslim world and angered Western diplomats by stating that Western civilization was "superior" to that of Islam." Just as a curious aside, why would Berlusconi’s statement anger Western diplomats? If they think Islamic culture superior, they should adopt it. (H/T MK’s Views Down Under)

The Velvet Hammer takes note of Hillary playing the . . . Osama card?

At Gates of Vienna, a response to the taqiyah of main stream British Islamist and grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Tariq Ramadan.

See Dr. Sanity for her incisive thoughts on capitalism.

And on a related note, see the Glittering Eye for a review of the blunders of those who are supposed to be watching and assessing capitalism for us.

Soccer Dad has a great analysis Shibley Telhami’s editorial in today’s paper about the driving motivation of Arab regimes today.

American Digest has a great roundup of "Science Made Stupid"

Britney Spears to go burkha? Apparently so. According to the Jawa Report, Britney Spears, currently involved in a relationship with a British Sunni Muslim, "will be converting to Islam, thus ending all doubt that she belongs in a mental institution."

And lastly, from the Shield of Achilles: The photo [below] is Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, from Arlington, Oregon, a short time before she took office. The photo . . . upset some people in the town enough to demand her resignation. Holy cow, people need to get a life: 1) The photos were taken before her job as Mayor, and have nothing to do with her job; 2) These aren't nude photos anyway (you can see the same amount of skin at the beach), and 3) she looks great! You don't see too many town mayors with that kind of muscle tone and flat stomach. Wow! She should be proud. It's actually the kind of example in physical fitness that America needs more of, not less.

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