Monday, January 21, 2008

Interesting News - 21 January 2008

In Venezuela, a judge who speaks against the regime is named on broadcast television as an enemy of the state. Hours later, she was shot and the person with her murdered. Venezuelan police have termed a car-jacking – prior to the completion of an investigation. Read the story in PJM. Meanwhile, Hugo show us what happens when you get government interference in the economy.

Thomas Sowell remembers 1968 and finds the reality of the year’s legacy differs greatly from the myth.

No-Knock warrants are dangerous for all parties. Classical Values has some troubling thoughts – and the report of a case with the worst possible outcome.

If you have a reasonable concern about energy prices, the first place to take your complaint is the closes Democrat. Ask them why we can’t drill for oil in Anwhar or off of our coasts, why we can’t build any nuclear reactors, and why we cannot build new refineries.

Biofuels will not cut greenhouse emissions and the costs do not outweigh the benefits – so says Joint Research Centre of the EU. On top of what this investment in biofuels is doing to food prices, mandating ever greater use of biofuels seems increasingly insane. But don’t tell that to the EU Commission, who are apparently going to simply ignore the report.

"Step right up folks and get your tickets to the greatest scam on Earth as we pay homage to those much-maligned scientists, geologists, climate researchers and marginalized Global Warming Skeptics the world over who refuse to be silenced by the skeptiphobics who would still the voices of reason." It’s a global warming carnival at the CFP. (H/T LostInto2)

While I’ve been unconcerned up to the moment with the latest fad, "sharia finance," I’ve obviously been too complacent. Dinah Lord posts on Sharia finance and the ties of many involved to extremists.

Omar Bakri has some thoughts on Muslims in the UK’s police and military. As does Lionheart.

Sheik Yer Mami is on fire. Read his posts about: compulsion of religion in Egypt; litigation jihad in the Netherlands aimed at silencing any criticism of the religion of peace; and some must see vidoes:
Islam in the UK is "not about bringing two world’s together."

And also Pat Condell who remarks eloquently on the Mark Steyn cases and its larger implications:

And lastly, a Public Service Message on the crisis of Journalistic Violence from Iowa Hawk whose incredible spoof of the odious NYT is quick becoming legend.

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subadei said...

No Knock Warrants:

I'm a bit divided on this. In one respect you're straight on as such situations can create circumstances in which an armed but otherwise innocent person is either killed or kills and suffers extreme consequences in either directions of being dead or going to jail.

On the other hand, tactically, the idea of pounding on a door and announcing who you are (police, open up!) seems to tip the scales in favor of the criminal, who will likely have command of his environment and, what with the advanced warning, has a few additional seconds to prepare for the assault through either flight or hunkering down and preparing a defense.