Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interesting News - 22 January 2008

Are Brits at the Their Best suggesting that Brits take a cue from their storied ancestors about how to take back their country? Hmmmm, given the nature of the "outdoor activities" they review, one could make that assumption. But who am I to cast stones. I’ve been suggesting a Boston Tea Party at the Thames for some time now.

When you see British people being criminally prosecuted for selling goods in pounds and ounces rather than by metric weights, you can get some small feel for how heavy handed life in the EU portends to be.

Would Turkey lifting its ban on headscarves be a victory for freedom of choice or a Muslim trojan horse? (H/T Turcopundit)

In response to incessant attacks on its people by elements of the democratically elected government of the Palestinians, Israel took the quite reasonable response of cutting off its energy supplies to the Gaza Strip in an effort to have the people of Gaza begin to take control of their murderous government. That lasted two days because of concerns of a humanitarian crisis - in Gaza of course. Apparently, Israelis targeted for anonymous murder by Hamas rockets does not count as such a crisis. The outcome was foreseen by some. When will Israel figure out that it stands no chance if it conducts its foreign policy and national security in terms of the whims of foreign opinion. If this type of decision making continues, we suspect we will see the end of Israel in our lifetime. Having said that, the ability to laugh at insanity and keep one’s sense of humor suggests that I might be wrong.

Indeed, Saudi Prince Turki has offered dhimmi status to Israel if only Israel will embrace the ill named Arab League "peace plan." I think any appropriate response must of necessity include some euphanism for sex and mention of a camel.

Tomorrow War has an exceptional round-up of relevant links covering a wide range of topics, from attacks on U.S. supply lines in Pakistan to California sending a trade delegation to Cuba. (I think the latter might run afoul of a law or two).

Cryptome has posted an extensive interview with our nation’s Spy Chief, Mike McConnel. The interview covers the panapoly of issues facing our intelligence community today – the majority of which are internal. This is a must – read. (H/T Soob)

Free speech, the Blue Group, and France’s hate speech laws are discussed here.

Dinah does Pakistan, . . . or at least an exceptional round up of Pakistani news.

In honor of Neville Chamberlin and the current UK Labour government, TNOY has the top nine UK Islamic occupational specialties.

Fred’s fried. I predicted this after his loss in South Carolina. Rick Moran is in morning, as our many of us who saw in Fred a true Regan conservative. He was the right man, but the wheels started to come off of his campaign in July. I suspect that, given the current economic climate, Romney will reap the most from Thompson’s exit through Super Tuesday.


Soccer Dad said...

Not just because you linked to me - though it helps :-) - but well done. I wish more people would do things like this; taking disparate viewpoints and knitting them into a coherent narrative.

Buckley F. Williams said...

Thanks for including us in this great round-up.

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Thanks for the link mate.