Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Interesting News - 30 January 2008

Medieval Islamic justice in the Maldives. Four men who broke into a 12 year old girls house and gang raped her were convicted only of "consensual sex before marriage" and given no jail time. The Islamic Court ruled that the victim had implied consent because she had reached the age of puberty and did not scream or struggle, as the court has determined the facts.

Has anyone noticed that the greatest threats to freedom of speech in the West all come from the left these days. The latest involves Kommisar Corzine in the Garden State.

And in the Islamic World, the censor keeps a close eye on what books are permissible for sale in the county. Nothing is allowed in critical of Islam or making the connection between Islam and terrorism – which, as we know from Britain, does not exist.

I happen to pray to the patron saint of economics also.

Sheik Yer Mami has a round up of Jihad News. As to be expected, all is quite disturbing – with the statement on Jordian family values the most so.

Some humorous and sage advice on the upcoming election at Politics & Pigskins.

Pressaphobia? Perhaps agenda journalism has something to do with it.

So was 1812 the worst year ever for Britain? I think that such a characterization is a bit to soon. 2008 may well dismiss thoughts of 1812 to . . . the dustbin of history.

Oh Adolph, we barely knew you. Der Spiegel on the rise of Hitler to the position of idol in 1930’s Germany.

"There is . . . nothing less accountable or more invisible than a hidebound bureaucracy, exercising its right to omniscience and an implacable resistance to reason." What a great quote by a Brit caught in a stereotypical comedy sketch with local govt. But he fails to see the humor. If he thinks the locals are bad, what does the world’s ultimate bureaucracy, the EU, portend? (H/T: An Englishman’s Castle)

The thought of a McCain nomination is driving some of my favorite conservative pundits nuts. I think McCain will be the best of the existing choices for foreign policy, – and if he gets good economic advice, that he could be a successful President. (H/T Instapundit)

The thing is, turning over Gaza was Ariel Sharon’s idea. Yet I am sure he would have truly punished Hamas for their actions under the current circumstance. Sharon went comatose far too soon, or stayed compos mentis too long, depending on your point of view. The former would lead to Israel exercising its duty to defend its citizens with all necessary force. The latter would have left Gaza under Israeli control. What is happening now is simply ridiculous.


Soccer Dad said...

thanks for the mention. But Sharon didn't die. He's been in a coma for two years now; but he's still hanging on.

Belisarius said...

The Left hates and fears Free Speech. The Marxist model of thought control is slowing working its way into the modern version of society.

Just like in Islam.

We need a leader and soon! Too bad only the Leftists have found a cause to rally around. The terrorists don't fear the US Democrats, not understanding that they are the ones whose negligence have traditionally led to the declaration of war. The Republicans prefer to deal with small problems before they get out of hand.