Friday, January 18, 2008

Krauthammer Ponders the Friction Between "Black Dreams" & "White Liberals"

Several days ago, I posted on my concerns with the unwarranted interjection of charges of racism into the Democratic primary race. You can read that post here.

I framed my argument in the context of how Obama's campaign is being treated by liberals who seem so enamored at the thought of a legitimate African American candidate that they are willing to unquestioningly accept him based on his rhetoric alone. Indeed, the liberal MSM has given Obama a free pass until now.

But things turned ugly when the Bill Clinton leveled criticism of Obama's stand on Iraq and Hillary made innocuous comments about MLK. Both were portrayed as racist remarks and Obama did nothing to put a stop to it. Indeed, after I wrote that post, Obama ominously embraced the unfounded allegations of racism being leveled at the Clintons. Although the racial issue seems to have receded in the last few days, it has hardly been put to bed, and it now sits just below the surface like some sort of dormant virus.

Today, Charles Krauthammer weighs in on the same topic. Krauthammer takes note of Hillary Clinton's "shock" at these charges of racism, but notes that its really just the chickens coming home to roost:

But where, I ask you, do such studied and/or sincere expressions of racial offense come from? From a decades-long campaign of enforced political correctness by an alliance of white liberals and the black civil rights establishment intended to delegitimize and marginalize as racist any criticism of their post-civil-rights-era agenda.

Anyone who has ever made a principled argument against affirmative action, only to be accused of racism, knows exactly how these tactics work. Or anyone who has merely opposed a more recent agenda item -- hate-crime legislation -- on the grounds that murder is murder and that the laws against it are both venerable and severe. Remember that scurrilous preelection ad run by the NAACP in 2000 implying that George W. Bush was indifferent to a dragging death of a black man at the hands of white racists in Texas because he did not support hate-crime legislation?

The nation has become inured to the playing of the race card, but "our first black president" (Toni Morrison on Bill Clinton) and his consort are not used to having it played against them. . . .

Who says there's no justice in this world?

Read the entire article here. I can truly appreciate Krauthammer's enjoyment in this conundrum of our modern left, but I see in it a great potential for harm to our nation. As I stated in my post a few days ago, if Obama becomes the nominee and allows Republican's to be smeared with charges of racisim for any criticism they aim towards Obama, this portends to become a destructive and bloody Presidential campaign indeed.

Update: Soccer Dad has a very good post on Krauthammer's article today, taking a look at several aspects of the post that I glossed over. See it here.

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