Saturday, January 26, 2008

Interesting News - 26 January 2008

According to PM Maliki, "We defeated al Qaeda, now there is just Nineveh province where they escaped to, and Kirkuk," And as a new offensive is aimed at al Qaeda, it looks as if it may be an all-Iraqi operation.

In the world of hypocritical politicians, Charles Krauthammer thinks that John Edwards makes other hypocrites looks like pikers.

The Democrats are still refusing to reauthorize the Protect America Act. This is the law that corrects FISA to allow for eavesdropping on foreign communications without the necessity of a warrant. Even Time’s resident leftie Joe Klein thinks this is nuts.

There is a real possibility that Denmark will become the first Muslim country in Europe. This is a particularly troubling post.

Crusader Rabbit ponders why males are the happier gender.

Seraphic Secret discusses the ramifications of the Hamas foray into Egypt.

Bookworm Room seems to be taking a bit of sadistic delight in Andrew McCarthy’s shredding of the NYT.

Soccer Dad has an exceptional post that hits the nail on the head. "Islamist hatred of the West is not a grievance we can address. Attempting to accommodate the demands of Islamists only encourages them. For there to be peace between Islam and the West, there needs to be a change of heart in Islam. Anything else is useless." I couldn’t agree more, and have said so previously.

Do read CAIR’s action letter urging an end to the "illegal blockade of Gaza" by Israel. Not a word about rockets or attacks on Israel. And let’s not forget the Muslim Brotherhood’s chapter here in the US, the MAS, or the radical Deobandi organization, the MCB in Britain. Personally, I would support a blockade and far more – aimed at Gaza, CAIR, MAS and the MCB. I am just not feeling a whole lot of compassion for terrorists and their enablers these days.

Nor do I support "victory over those who disbelieve," or feel the need to ask God for "protection from the great Satan." I suspect most Iowans would agree, but that is a bit unclear at the moment.

The American Islamic Congress has launched a new Anti-Suicide Bombing Campaign. They have my support.

The FBI has given its Community Leadership Award for 2007 to M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD. "Dr. Jasser is a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander. He is the founder and Chairman of the Board of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), based in Phoenix, Arizona. AIFD seeks to address the central ideological conflict in the war on terror." It is an award well deserved.

The Center for Islamic Pluralism has a fascinating textually based analysis of the appropriate punishment for those who chose to leave Islam or commit other acts of apostasy. It is a stinging criticism of the "oil jurists" of Salfi Islam.

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