Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The "Pernicious Doctrine of Multiculturalism"

The comments by Britain's Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, about the existance of Muslim areas in Britain that are no-go areas has led others in Britain to voice similar opinions. Though, to their everlasting shame, none of the Tory leadership are among them. To the contraty, today's Tory Party, just like the other major political parties in the UK, are part of the multicultural problem, not the solution. As explained today in an editorial in the Telegraph, talking of how the parties have responded to the Bishop of Rochester's charges:

. . . Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems have responded with knee-jerk predictability, desperate as ever not to offend Muslim sensibilities. It shows once again how difficult it is to engage in a mature debate about the damaging impact of multiculturalism in this country in general, and the threat posed by Islamic radicalism to our way of life in particular.

And indeed, the Bishop's charges were dismissed out of hand by the U.K's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who stated "I know that there are pressures in many areas of the country but I don't accept that there are or should be no-go areas in any part of the country." Not everyone was hiding their head in the sands, however. Richard Littlejohn in the UK's Daily Mail:

. . Bishop Nazir-Ali is bang on the money when he talks about 'no-go' areas for Christians in fundamentalist Muslim ghettoes in Britain. But he could have gone further still.

This country is littered with 'no-go' areas, not just physically, but culturally, spiritually, intellectually and academically, too. Our very liberties are being torched in the name of 'diversity'.

The pernicious doctrine of multiculturalism has turned us into a society where people are frightened to speak their minds and justice has been flipped on its head.

To express an opinion contrary to the ruthlessly enforced, politically motivated conformity of the Fascist Left is to risk a vicious campaign of character assassination which, if you work in the public sector, will almost certainly cost you your job.

The private sector isn't immune, either.

Only last week, we learned of a banker who was sacked for making a harmless, lame joke about Shi'ites.

We have reached the ludicrous position where a Pakistani clergyman is facing demands for his resignation and is being accused of stirring up racial and religious hatred simply for speaking the truth.

All Bishop Nazir-Ali did was state the bleedin' obvious. Yet even [Tory Shadow Foreign Secretary] William Hague has attacked him, saying the idea that Christians are made to feel uncomfortable by Muslim extremists is not a Britain he recognises.

In which case, I suggest Hague heads a few stops east of Westminster, along the Mile End and Whitechapel Roads, where Muslim monoculturalism holds sway. Or visits Leicester, Bradford, Burnley, Oldham or parts of Birmingham.

It is beyond dispute that there is a concerted campaign by Islamic extremists to force sharia law on to significant areas of Christian Britain. And there is no doubt that in predominantly Muslim areas, they are winning.

It's ludicrous to accuse the Bishop of inciting hatred. The real hatred is coming not from Church of England pulpits but from inside those mosques controlled by fanatics.

Yet when Channel 4's Dispatches programme exposed the sermons of hate and violence against 'kaffirs' and ' infidels', the West Midlands police not only refused to act, they launched an investigation into the programme-makers.

That's about par for the course in what passes for law enforcement these days.

Two years after 9/11, the Met were still providing a police escort for Captain Hook to preach hatred and death on the streets of London.

They weren't so much concerned about protecting us from Hook - since convicted of terrorism and wanted for extradition to the U.S. over Al Qaeda training camps - they were more bothered about protecting him from being ridiculed by a bus sent along by the Sun to drown him out by playing Night Boat To Cairo over its loudspeakers.

Yet the white 'liberal' Establishment still refuses to confront the very real threat to our way of lives, even after terrorist attacks on our own soil by home-grown headcases.

It's instructive that the only two Church of England clergymen to put their heads above the parapet are Pakistani Nazir-Ali and Ugandan Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.

And that the highest-profile critic of multiculturalism is the black head of the equality commission, Trevor Phillips, who for his trouble was smeared as no better than the BNP by the disgusting Jew-baiter Ken Livingstone.

The rest of the Establishment is locked into a cycle of appeasement, terrified of incurring the wrath of the 'community'.

Even when soppy Hazel Blears comes up with a silly plan to pay Muslim women to combat extremism, she is monstered by the absurd Mr Bean lookalike who speaks for the 'moderate' Muslim Council, which never misses an opportunity to try to extort more concessions.

I'm only surprised that the high priest of 'diversity', Met chief Ian Blair, hasn't ordered Nazir-Ali to be arrested and charged with incitement to racial hatred.

Maybe he's still trying to work out whether sending a woman officer to nick a Pakistani cleric is a 'no-go' area.

Read the entire article. It is good to see this getting raised. Britain is already at the point where trying to right the ship is going to be difficult and messy. But clearly, pretending their is no problem and punishing any who dare raise is just upping the inevitable cost that will eventually have to be paid to resolve this situation.

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