Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Sullivan & Steinem: Knock it Off With The Groundless Charges of Discrimination

I am not sure when my white male guilt ended. But at this point its long gone. I will happilly speak out against discrimination if I see it. Barring that, trying to tell me that I bear the stigma of original discriminatory sin just pisses me off and gets me defenisve - aggresively so. Enough already with the race and gender cards.

What brought this little rant on? Well, according to the dogma of today's Democrats, my status as a white male makes me the enemy and one who inherently discriminates against African Americans on account of race and women on account of gender. Taking that shibboleth to its logical conclusion, any decision that I might make to vote for a future President of the U.S. that rejects either an African American or a woman is, respectively, racial discrimination (Andrew Sullivan today) or gender discrimination (Gloria Steinem yesterday).

The race card and gender card are simply ludicrous. Whatever may have been the history of America through its first century and a half of existance, America of today elects people of every race, religion, color and gender to public office. Clearly than, to tag Americans as a group with discrimination sounds more than a bit questionable.

That said, I will never vote for Barack Obama for president. That has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with my belief that he is a hard line liberal whose domestic and foreign policies would damage America, perhaps mortally so given the challenges we face. My opposition to Hillary Clinton is on precisely the same grounds. Find me a Margaret Thatcher or Thomas Sowell, put them in the presidential race, and the chances that they would get my vote are incredibly high. All that said, idiots like Gloria Steinem and Andrew Sullivan playing the discrimination cards are not doing Obama or Clinton any favors whatsoever. It invites a backlash.

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