Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EU Chickens Coming Home to Roost In The UK

I wonder how many people in Britain understand that their economic woes are just beginning – and that in one form or another, the EU lies at the heart of those woes. As I’ve blogged here, here and here, the EU portends to cause severe economic distress to the people of Britain because of open borders immigration, energy policy, over regulation of the economy, and rising taxation. There are several articles in the British papers over the last few days that bear out these warnings.

The Daily Mail reports that inflation in food prices and energy are rising at 7% or more, a fact that is having a severe impact on the elderly living on fixed incomes.

The EU has thrown open Britain’s borders. Possibly the best kept secret in Britain is that they do not control their borders. The strain on infrastructure, crime and the impact on natives of Britain are all severe – and in the papers today.

Immigration is at record levels, with close to 600,000 immigrants allowed into Britain. And with record immigration comes record emigration of British natives. Emigration reached 250,000 people in 2007, with most leaving "to escape high levels of crime and tax." This is up by an amazing 20% in just one year.

And as to crime, be it organized or Islamic, that ties into EU mandated immigration also. It was reported today that "most organized crime committed in Britain has its origins abroad. . . [G]un crime, drugs and people smuggling are heavily linked to overseas gangsters. . . . Most of the crimes we are dealing with are international. The source of the trouble starts elsewhere." And don’t forget the problem with radical Islamists. Contrary to what Labour posits, Orwell cannot be enlisted to make that problem disappear. And if you add on top of it a heavy layer of multiculturaly motivated bureaucracy to keep the police from offending any of the minority population, that only compounds the crime problem.

Meanwhile, the BBC has issued a startling report on the tremendous strain on Britain’s infrastructure brought about by the intersection of immigration, procreation and the NHS. The facts they state are:

NHS costs for maternity services have more then doubled in a decade to £350 million.

- "Immigration has raised the birth rate so fast that some units have closed, so that midwives could be moved to areas of urgent need."

- "[M]aternity units have turned expectant mothers away because they could not cope with unprecedented increases in the local birth rate."

- "When Labour came to power, the NHS spent around £1bn a year on maternity services, with one baby in eight delivered to a foreign-born mother. Ten years on, spending has risen to £1.6bn, with almost one baby in four delivered to a mother born overseas."

- "While the number of babies born to British mothers has fallen by 44,000 a year since the mid-1990s, the figure for babies born to foreign mothers has risen by 64,000 - a 77% increase which has pushed the overall birth-rate to its highest level for 26 years."

- "In central London, . . . six out of every 10 babies born has a foreign-born mother."

And with the massive immigration comes rationing of healthcare as there are now many more people competing for it. In a tax payer funded, government run system, supply and demand are not the decisive factors. And you thought just because you paid your taxes your entire life that you would be entitled to free NHS treatment your government had promised?

And then there is taxation. I blogged a few days ago that local council taxes are outpacing inflation – and the strain of immigration is the cause of that. And there have also been other significant, if stealth, rises in taxation that seem actually more like Labour greed than directly related to the EU. But I will include the story here to the extent that there is a relationship.

There are a few things that amaze me about all of the above. The EU role at the heart of each problem named above is clear. Yet in none of the stories is the EU even mentioned. Further, Britain is strangling under uncontrolled immigration. Yet, to even complain about that or suggest bringing to a halt is political and social suicide even now. The chattering classes have a stanglehold on Britain at the moment. But hit the bulk of Brits in the pocketbook enough times, subject them to enough crime, and eventually what you will get is a revolt.

At any rate, the EU chickens are coming home to roost in Britain. Indeed, they have just begun to cluck and mess on the floors. I wonder how long it will be before the average Brit wakes up and decides that EU chicken tenders are on the menu.

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