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Council Nominations and the 2007 WOW Awards

The Watcher of Weasels has tallied the 2007 votes for the much coveted Weasel Awards. The winner for 2007 is Big Lizards, with Bookworm Room and Rightwing Nuthouse in the place and show positions, respectively. Michael Yon, Small Wars Journal and Michael Totten won in the Non-Council category. I have asked the Watcher to tell provide us with the posts that got the highest point totals. in 2007. We will see if that is forthcoming. At any rate, congratulations to all named above for their consitently high calibre of work.

Now on to the nominations which have been posted today at the Watcher's site. Each week tends to have one or more themes, with several of us invariably posting around the same topics. This week sees several posts around the theme of identity politics as well as two posts on Israel in light of our President's attempts to carve out peace in the Middle East. And as always, some of the most interesting posts are the ones that branch out into their own territory. On the non-Council side, things as always tend to be more eclectic, though the free speech travesty of Ezra Levant in Canada and the issue of identity politics both seem to be playing prominently. Do enjoy them all. And if you would like to submit a post for consideration by the Council, please visit the Watcher and take advantage of his offer of link whorage.

The Council Nominations for the week are:

1. The Glittering Eye - You Be the General
I liked this post when I first read it and, in fact, it generated a post of my own in order to get my hands around what is going on in Afghanistan (see here). GE invites us to consider how we would address the problem of Afghanistan given the long border with Pakistan, the existence of untouchable - at the moment - Pakistani safe havens, and logistics requirements and limitations. It is a very good and thought provoking post.

2. Wolf Howling - The Race Card, Liberal Guilt and Our Next President
The promise of an Obama candidacy is that it transcends race. The reality of the Obama candidacy is that, as the stakes rise, racism is being interjected and playing an ominous role. There is no way around the fact that, for many on the left, identity politics will play a deciding role in the next election. To the extent it is limited to choosing a President based on their identity, that is, I think, merely wrong-headed. But using race - or gender - to limit criticism of a candidate portends to do great harm to our nation and needs to be addressed now.

3. The Colossus of Rhodey - Ed. Schools: They're Awful (for the most part)
As the son of the youngest school principal ever in the history of a major county in Maryland, CoR's piece takes me back to my youth when I heard a similar refrain from my father nearly every day. His favorite teachers, in fact, never had teaching degrees. Certainly teachers need to understand how students learn. That's two to four courses at the undergrad level - maybe a few more when you throw in learning disabilities. Beyond that, teachers need to understand their discipline and concentrate on teaching it. This is an exceptional post by CoR.

4. Done With Mirrors - Tribes With Gods
DWM reflects on the facts that both Christianity and Islam are largely defined by their time and place of origin and both have created super-tribes, if you will. The former is a fact that has had profound ramifications for both Christianity and Islam, though in different ways. I would add that the problem of Salafi Islam, growing ever more dominant today, is that it focuses wholly on the time and place of origin of Islam. In comparison, Christianity has evolved through the Enlightenment and Reformation.

5. Cheat Seeking Missiles - 500,000 Iraqis Did Not Die
The Johns Hopkins / Lancet Study was, many suspected at the time of its release, largely a piece of political propaganda. If you will recall, it was released just before the election. Subsequent independant research by the World Health Organization has shown it to be - surprise - outlandishly false. And since CSM wrote this, we have come to find out that the research was largely underwritten by the far left George Soros. This shows the pernicious influence of money in academia. The fact that the this piece of propoganda bears the highly prestigious imprimaturs of Lancett and Johns Hopkins should give us all great pause. What I would like to see come out of this is full disclosure of all sources of funding for academia and academic research. As you can see here, the problem far transcends the Lancet Study. At any rate, this is a very good post by CSM.

6. Soccer Dad - Shavit's Prescription
SD has one of his always thoughtful posts, this time considering Israeli columnist Ari Shavit's belief that George Bush should and is pushing for a Palestinian "capability" before pushing the establishment of a state. But as SD sees it, Bush is pushing for a state irrespective of the fact that no such "capability" has yet been demonstrated - and despite tremendous amounts of aid to the Palestinians which has been, to say the least, unappreciated by the recipients.

7. Bookworm Room - Idenity Politics Then and Now
BR considers identity politics, using Jonah Goldbergs new book as the vehicle to advance her discussion. Her's is a philosphical and well-written discussion of the topic that looks at the issue of identity politics in more general terms than my own consideration of the current practicalities. BR concludes with an insight into the nature of the how and why of left's labeling of those with whom they disagree. As always, BR's depth of thought and elegance of prose make this post well worth the read.

8. Joshuapundit - Bush In Ramallah -- The Road To "Peace In Our Time"
Joshuapundit looks at the anamolies of Bush's call for peace and his demands for Israel to put its trust in Fatah when it is apparent that we ourselves do not trust Fatah for security. I guess what I find so disingenous about all of this is that there is no chance whatsoever for peace under the current circumstance - and thus pushing a peace down the throat of Israel merely portends greater bloodshed in the long run. The starting point for mid-east policy should be an honest statement that no peace is possible so long as you have Middle Eastern regimes opposed to the existance of Israel on grounds on grounds of Islamic triumphalism. I agree with JP, the last thing we should be doing is pressuring Israel to give up an iota of territory at this point. It has always seemed to me that the "peace in the Middle East" mantra is far more a construct of Middle East Islamic triumphalists who saw in Jimmy Carter a way begin a process that might mortally weaken Israel - something the Middle Eastern regimes could not succeed in doing on the battlefield.

9. Big Lizards - Paul of Mises; or How the New Republic Bewitches the Right
BL ponders how quick we are to forget and forgive the New Republic for the T.S. Beuchamp affair when TNR prints a hit piece amounting to a public flogging of Ron Paul and libertarians. BL does an exceptional job of deconstructing the TNR's article to show just how biased and unfair it is, chastising Conservatives willing to unquestioningly accept TNR's position because it equates with their dislike of libertarianism. The money quote: "False inference piles upon misunderstood argument, forming towers of paralogical paradox. Each piece of misinformed speculation solidifies into a foundation for a confabulated conclusion."

10. The Education Wonks - A Solution for the Pop-Tart's Problems
EW has a tongue in cheek post, positing a reasoned but unlikely solution to for Britney Spears troubled life. Actually, it appears that she is about to adopt Islam, if the tabloids are correct. I think her new life under a burkah might also be at least a temporary solution. And after she denounces that within a week or two, hiding from those who would behead here as an apostate might also keep her out of trouble.

11. Rhymes With Right - Disenfrancisement Example Is Actually Vote Fraud Queen -- And a Tax Cheat To Boot! If you are going to the Supreme Court to contest an anti-fraud voter law, it would behoove you to check and make sure that the centerpiece of your argument is not herself the poster child for vote fraud and tax evasion. This is clear proof that there is a God - and that God is apparently feeling very rejected by the secular left at the moment.

12. Right Wing Nut House - Those Who Live By Identity Politics...
RM has a very thoughtful post on how identity politics is being played in a Democratic Party that now has two "people of identity" - for lack of a better term - in the running for President. As RM demostrates, both Obama and Clinton are quite willing and ready to play their race/gender card, but both are trying to do it without suffering a backlash that is easilly forseeable if they play the cards too often or in inappropriate circumstance.

Non-council links:

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5. Guardian Unlimited - Barack Obama -- I'm Sure We've Seen Him Somewhere Before (As with all Guardian articles, you need to read the comments. In this instance, some of the comments are hilarious - particularly the one by wiki something or other about the types of chairs each candidate seems to be promoting.)

6. - Ms. Magazine Refuses to Publish Ad About Israel's Most Powerful Women

7. Seraphic Secret - CNN Reporter as Terrorist Enabler

8. Debbie Schlussel - Mitt Happens: Prominent Hezbollah Supporter/Funder in Romney Camp, Ditto for Bad News Political Hack

9. Radio Vice Online - Hillary... I Am the Reason the Surge Has Worked!

10. Captain's Quarters - A Defining Moment For Republicans

11. Winds of Change - The Media Does It Again

12. Pajamas Media - Ron Paul's Blithe Reaction to 'Newslettergate'

13. TFS Magnum - Gay Rights Versus the US Post Office

14. Dodgeblogium - Dodgey Column: Primary Season Fun


truepeers said...

THanks again for the nomination. Glad to have discovered your blog.

Anonymous said...

Islamofascist-Dhimmi Axis Assault on Free Speech

Muslims Against Sharia are proud to be the first Muslim group to publicly support Ezra Levant and denounce HRC inquisition.

Proceedings against Ezra Levant are nothing short of ridiculous. HRC legitimizes radicals' claims that Islam cannot be criticized and Freedom of Speech only applies to radical Muslims.

But Ezra Levant is not alone. The latest casualties of Islamofascist-Dhimmi Axis Assault on Free Speech include Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Fouad al-Farhan, Joe Kaufman, and Mark Steyn. Are you going to be next?