Friday, January 18, 2008

Lionheart and the BNP

Lionheart deserves our support. To the extent that there is any controversy about that, his support of the British National Party (BNP) needs to be put in perspective. Lionheart is not a white supremacist. He is not a racist. Indeed, his actions clearly prove to the contrary. He is a man on the front lines of the fight against radical Islam who is now facing prosecution for his speech.

Lionheart is a British blogger under threat of arrest in Bedfordshire, UK for "stirring up racial hatred." Specifically, Lionheart maintains a blog which he has used to post his criticism of radical Islam that is ever growing in the UK and that is well entrenched in Lionheart's hometown of Luton. Britain is using its police powers to enforce its brand of Orwellian multiculturalism on Lionheart and the British populace as a whole.

I posted on Lionheart's situation here. In the wake of that post, several items appeared in UK papers discussing how significant the problem of radical Isalm had grown in the UK, and discussing how none of the three major political parties were willing to discuss radical Islam or the multicultural ethos that had allowed it to fester and grow in Britain's mosques. Those are included as updates to my original post.

In response to my post, it came to light that Lionheart had supported the BNP - and LGF put a disclaimer in his own blog post that expressed full support for Lionheart's freedom of speech, but noted that such support was in no way to be construed as support for the BNP. Lionheart overreacted. He needed simply to explain the situation. And he has done so now in an interview posted on the Us or Them Blog. I urge you to read the whole interview. And then I urge you to give Lionheart your full support in any way that you can, including by monetary donations through his blog.

Lionheart will be appearing on The Gathering Storm radio show at 3 p.m. EDT today.

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Always On Watch said...

Of course Lionheart reacted! Look at what's going on with his life!

His passionate statement toward the end of today's radio show should not be missed. What he said gave me goosebumps.