Sunday, July 27, 2008

Borders Out Of Control - In The EU

The EU has set up an insane immigration system that is an invitation nearly uncontrolled third world immigration. Ireland, being one of the few sane countries across the pond, passed a law to stop some of the worst abuses. Their law provided that non-EU spouses of EU citizens were deportable. No longer, per the highest Court in the EU.

EU law currently provides a backdoor for mass third world immigration, and the highest Court in the EU just opened the door much wider. Current EU law, actually dating back to the Treaty of Rome, provides that once a person lawfully becomes an EU citizen, they can automatically bring over their entire family. The way this works in Britain is that the socialist Labour Party is allowing large scale immigration from Pakistan that then itself gets significantly augmented. Once in Britain, a large number of the Pakistanis are importing wives from Pakistan. You can figure out the math from there. It has created an immigration/emigration nightmare in Britain.

Ireland tried to put the squelch on this occurring in their country. But today, their law was overturned, thus exposing Ireland to the same inability to control their borders as enjoyed by all the other provinces of that great experiment in socialism, the EU. But this decision of the EU even went farther, in essence giving illegal aliens the right to EU citizenship so long as they marry an EU citizen before being physically deported. As Hibernia Girl states:

This is not just some little loophole that failed asylum seekers will now be able to exploit -- this is a GAPING hole in the EU's immigration population replacement policy that is obviously being forced on all Europeans whether we like it or not.

Read the whole post. And see the detailed explanation of the EU ruling and its ramifications at EU Referendum.

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