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The UK & The Anti-War On Terror

The photo above represents what is apparently the latest and sole weaponry authorized by the British judicial system to combat Islamic radicalism and those foreign terrorists who take up residence in Britain. Not shown is the welfare check that is delivered seperately by the Labour Government through the mail.

Within the past two weeks, British Courts have been asked to deport Abu Qatada, bin Laden's "right hand man" in Europe, and yesterday, Europe's most dangerous terrorist, identified only as "U" in British papers. "U" is actually known throughout the rest of the world as Amar Makhlouf, alias Abu Doha, alias Rachid, alias, Dr. Haider, alias The Doctor. He is one of the most violent and dangerous terrorists in Europe. And what do the socialist left holding the reigns of power in Britain do with the most violent and dangerous terrorists - why, they release them into British society and put them on welfare benefits. Oh, and in this case, since "U" is particularly dangerous, they withold his name and the town into which he was released. No need for the public to know that information apparently. It really seems as if the inmates are in charge in the mental facility that is modern Britain.

(If you are the U.S. and feeling left out of all the insane fun, just give it a little time - the activisit wing of our Supreme Court is rapidly catching up to their British counterparts)

To go over the particulars of Mr. Makhlouf, he is a native of Algeria and a senior member of both al-Qaeda and the GSPC terrorist networks. Makhlouf has close and direct ties to Osama bin Laden and he was recently described by the CounterTerrorism Blog as one of the world's most dangerous terrorists:

He is widely known to have been a senior leader within the GSPC and a founder member of one of al-Qaeda’s training camps in Afghanistan subsequently becoming one, if not the most senior member of al-Qaeda operating in Europe. Prior to his arrest in February 2001 by a Special Branch officer, while he was attempting to flee to Saudi Arabia during operation ODIN he was responsible for: plotting an attempted attack on Los Angeles airport, a plot to bomb the US embassy in Rome, an attempt to bomb unspecified targets in Strasbourg as well as having a hand in organizing al-Qaeda cells for operations against United States targets within Germany. This is on top of the large number of recruits he managed to bring into the movement.

Read the entire post. Having captured Makhlouf in London several years ago, Britain is now trying to deport him to his native Algeria. But given that it is not likely to succeed - British courts interpreting EU law have a perfect record of refusing to approve any deportation to a country where an individual might be tortured - he has been released on bail and onto the public dole. This incredible story from the Telegraph:

. . . Although his name has been widely used in the past he can only be referred to as "U" under a court order which also bans any reference to the date he was released or the town where he was bailed to.

The order was put in place by Mr Justice Mitting, chairman of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission which has granted his release pending a House of Lords case in October.

The judge has also banned the release of the man's bail conditions, which are likely to involve a strict curfew similar to that of the preacher abu Qatada, released last month.

. . . The Home Office claim he was a "leading organiser and facilitator of terrorist activity."

A Foreign office note sent to U's native Algeria in 2006 said: "Senior position in Mujahedin training camp in Afghanistan. Direct links to UBL (Usama Bin Laden) and other senior AQ (Al Qaeda) figures. Involved in supporting terrorists including those involved in the planned attack on the Strasbourg Christmas Market in 2000, and an earlier plan to attack Los Angeles Airport.

"US sought his extradition but withdrew request August 2005 … DETAINED".

The Special Immigration and Appeals Commission (SIAC) said last year there were "credible grounds for believing each of these assertions."

. . . The Home Office said today: "It is our position that individuals who are not British nationals who pose a threat to the national security of the UK should be deported.

Read the entire article. Those Home Office types obviously have a real sense of humor. Even the NYT, that paragon of leftie values who celebrated the insane Boumediene decision that threatens to make our own court treatment of terrorists into a mirror of Britain's, is sputtering at what happens when insane laws passed by socialists get interpreted by insane activist judges:

. . . The release of the [Abu Qatada, bin Laden's right hand man, last week and Makhlouf this week] has highlighted the problems the British authorities face as they try to curb what they have acknowledged as a large and growing Islamist terrorist underground in Britain. Despite volumes of intelligence information implicating the Algerian and Abu Qatada amassed by British and American investigators, and by the authorities in their own countries, British officials say that attempts to build indictments against them have been frustrated by a lack of detailed evidence that would stand up in court.

The other option, seeking to deport the two men to their homelands, has been blocked by British judges on the grounds that the men may be subjected to torture at home, or to prosecution based on evidence obtained by torture, in violation of Europe’s human rights charter.

In both cases, appeal court judges also ruled that their rights were being violated by indefinite detention, and ordered their release.

In a ruling last year, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in Britain described the Algerian suspect as having had “direct links” with Mr. bin Laden and of having held a “senior position” at a Qaeda camp for Islamic extremists in Afghanistan in the late 1990s. In their bid to deport the Algerian, the British authorities described him as the leader of an abortive plot to attack a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg in 2000, in addition to the role he is alleged to have played in the planned Los Angeles attack.

The protections afforded the Algerian and Abu Qatada, including the decision to release them while lawyers battle the government over their deportation, have caused growing dismay on both sides of the Atlantic. Bush administration officials have pressed Britain to adopt tighter antiterrorism laws that reduce the courts’ discretion in terrorism cases, and opinion polls have shown increasing concern among British voters about the scope of the terrorism threat.

The frustration was mirrored in a commentary published after Abu Qatada’s release in The Sun, the hell-raising tabloid that is Britain’s most widely sold newspaper.

“Poor old Osama bin Laden, scuttling around the war-torn Afghan mountains to avoid death or capture,” the newspaper said. “But hope is on the horizon for the world’s most wanted terrorist. There’s one place on Earth where he would be perfectly safe. Britain. Here, we throw nobody out. Bin Laden has every chance of ending his days among peace and plenty.” . . .

Read the entire article.

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GW, have you seen the movie idiocracy? It didn't take 500 years to reach an insane world run by complete idiots. If this is the status of english govenance, it has no right to govern the populace. It must be suspended for absolute incompetence. If there is any sane member left in the parlement, they need to act fast because anarchy is extremely violent and destructive.