Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain, The Anbar Awakening, & Intellectual Honesty At MSNBC

McCain, in a statement yesterday, stated that the surge was responsible for the Anbar Awakening. Though the Anbar Awakening was solicited by the U.S. - and indeed, soliticing popular support is at the heart of counterinsurgency strategy - it actually got its start in September, 2006, three months before the formal adoption of the counterinsurgency strategy. In any event, the Anbar Awakening was fully supported by the surge and was, as part of the counterinsurgency, used as the model to spread throughout the rest of Iraq.

The left has been swarming on this one, claiming McCain does not know what he is talking about because the Awakening technically started before the surge. Joe Scarborough and former Democratic Senatorial candidate Harold Ford Jr. put this one in brutal perspective.

I may have to start watching Mr. Scarborough. (Video from Olbermann Watch)


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