Monday, July 14, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome At The BBC?

The suicidal partnership between the far left - or the chattering class as they are known across the pond - and radical Islam is mind boggling. It is also ironic given that the hard socialist left in the West rejects "religion" and has warred against Christianity for the past two centuries. At any rate, it is the hard left chattering class who have run the BBC since its inception. Thus it is no surprise, though mind numbling amazing, that the Beeb is running a drama that has militant Chrisians beheading peaceful Islamic victims in Britain. I am pretty sure the BBC was able to dispense with the disclaimer that the drama is not based on real events.

The BBC produced a drama, Bonekickers, in which innocent Muslims in Britain are attacked and beheaded by evil Christian radicals. Are the BBC just incredibly misguided and simple minded multiculturalists, or does their inability to assess reality go deeper than that, into some sort of group Stockholm Syndrome where they now identify with their attackers and are actually unable to discern reality.

Just out of curiosity, how many militant CHRISTIAN organizaitons with a recent history of deadly violence against non-Christians can you name? For that matter, can you name the last Christian to behead an innocent Muslim? As Gateway Pundit says, this really is beyond parody.

This is a two'fer for the BBC. They have denigrated Christianity - something the marxian multiculturalists in Britain have been doing as part of their war on Christianity for over a century. And the BBC have pretended that Muslims are non-threatening victims. The irony is that the next non-Muslim in Britain murdered by an Islamist will have paid for the production of this incredible piece of misguided piece of work from the BBC.

Update: The MoxArgron Group's intergallactic musings on this are funny and pointedly accurate:

If this show was based on facts, instead of prejudices, they'd be doing stories on honour killings, kidnappings that end in torture and beheadings, rapes, bombings, and mass slaughters, all done in the name of a fundamentalist religion, and guess what, it's not being done by Christians.

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vinny said...

I belive this was approved by the new british education minister. Next, on their fall show line up will be the protocols of the elders of zion, and how hitler was misunderstood.