Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Iraq Speech Part II: Obama Tosses Sunnis Under The Bus

Obama sipped tea in Anbar (because of the surge), listening to the Sunni leadership explain that they did not want to see the U.S. withdraw from Iraq in the foreseeable future. The Sunni Awakening Councils are at the top of al Qaeda's hit list and the Sunnis were, prior to 2007, suffering from constant militia attacks. They fear these will be repeated if the U.S. cuts and runs from Iraq. Obama essentially told them "too bad" - which is in keeping with his comments in 2007 that preventing genocide was not a sufficient justification to remain in Iraq.

You have to love Obama's facile non-sequiters. We can't stay in Iraq forever to protect the Sunnis so it is sufficient if we leave completely in 16 months. Mention of security conditions - the logical binder - is simply dropped from the equation.

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