Thursday, July 10, 2008

Drilling Is A Hoax? She Is Certifiable

Does this woman have any credibility whatsoever? Or sanity, for that matter?

Republicans are the cause?

Where does this idiot want us to believe oil comes from? Oh, that's right. It was her idea to sue OPEC so that they could (drill) magically create more oil and we could transfer more wealth to OPEC. Powerline has an excellent video on how that one is working out for us -

At any rate:

(H/T Michelle Malkin)

That graph is a bit of snark. Democrats did not cause the energy crisis. But by pretending supply and demand is meaningless, they are rapidly going to come to own it. They are going to own it by their utter refusal to allow drilling where we KNOW that there there is oil (as opposed to the 69 million acres under exploration that will, statistically, only yield economically feasible wells less than 20% of the time). They are going to own it because of their refusal to allow us to exploit oil shale, and they are going to own it because of the entire host of other regulation they have thrown up to prevent the development of our oil resources and the development of nuclear power. We need to be approaching the energy crisis through a lot of different approaches - such as those suggested by both McCain and T. Boone Pickens - but it damn well needs to include drilling and it needs to start now.

[Update: Some appropriate cartoon commentary from Michael Ramirez:]

Just as an aside, to review Pelosi's time as the third most powerful person in the U.S. government, she to this day claims al Qaeda was not in Iraq, she schemed to legislate surrender in Iraq, she visited Syria, she refused to allow the Patriot Act to come to a vote for months, her promises to clean up earmarks and corruption have gone virtually nowhere, and now she is claiming that the law of supply and demand is a mere Republican dirty trick. This woman is a clear and present danger to America. The U.S. will be a much better place when the nightmare that is Nancy Pelosi is no longer in a position of power.

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vinny said...

There is a funny picture of Pelosi embracing Cindy Sheehan; I believe it was during one of her outside the country trips. Anyway, which of these is more insane is debatable, but Pelosi is clearly much more dangerous.