Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. The Watcher publishes the results each Friday morning. The Watcher also has a process for anyone who would like to submit one of their posts for consideration as part of the weekly contest. You can find out more about that here. This week's nominations are:

Council Nominations:

1. Done With Mirrors - Che Away
DWM applauds the ramifications of the fact that the disguises used by the Colombian military to conduct their FARC sting were Che t-shirts.

2. Wolf Howling - Identifying Obama's Real Position on the Second Amendment (Updated)
Obama is the penultimate stage magician. Nothing is as it is made to appear, and nothing you believed about Obama moments ago survives the next swish of the wand. That goes for his position on gun rights as to all else.

3. Soccer Dad - You May Now Assume the Risk
SD ponders the amorality - or immorality - of the NYT decision to publish the identity of the CIA interragator of Kalid Sheikh Mohammed over the objections of the CIA and the interragator. The NYT truly are a fifth column.

4. The Razor - American Whining and the Culture of Dependency
According to the Razor, the answer to weathering the economic storm is to be more self-reliant, not more reliant on government hand outs that will only further harm the economy. As the old saying goes, capitalism allows the benefits of the market to be shared unequally, socialism allows the economic misery to be shared by all.

5. The Colossus of Rhodey - Another Disgusting Philly Inquirer Op-Ed
The fact that I once shared the same uniform as Wesly Clark is one of the few things about my military experience of which I am ashamed. The fact that there are idiots praising this disingenuous partisan is sad indeed.

6. The Glittering Eye - Economic Illiteracy Venting
GE ponders some of the basic facts of our economy that seems to pass by the majority of people in this country.

7. Hillbilly White Trash - Some Hope for the High Court
HWT's blueprint for establishing a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, even in the event of an Obama presidency.

8. Cheat Seeking Missiles - Does Patriotism Matter?
CSM was motivated by an exceptional article from Thomas Sowell to ponder patriotism, its importance to our country, and the historical costs to nations that have jettisoned it.

9. Joshuapundit - Narcissism In Another Color
JP is rightly upset about the singer who crooned a "black national anthem" at a Denver event.

10. Bookworm Room - Socialized Medicine
The NHS serves as the example for the larger truth: "The Left’s faith in government control is truly impressive when one considers that, with amazing consistency, after a brief bump from the infusion of vast amounts of taxpayer cash . . . the systems inevitably collapse under the weight of a government ineptitude, inflexibility, and corruption."

11. The Education Wonks - New Solution To An Old Problem
EW approves of parents turning to litigation to stop bullying in schools, as our schools are not, or are not able, to police this themselves.

12. Rhymes With Right - Obama Speaks -- Selectively -- Of His Faith Journey
This is an issue I also blogged. Obama, aided and abetted by a complicit press corps, is giving a highly sanitized and fundamentally false story of his "Christian values" and his version of faith.

Non-Council Nominations:

1. Neurotic Iraqi Wife - My Shiny Iraqi Skyline
Iraqis developing Iraqi solutions to Iraqi problems. In this case, they are starting to supplement electrical generation with solar power for things such as sreet lights. This has resulted in a huge improvement.

2. Bishop Hill - Is Gun Control Behind Our Loss of Civil Liberties?
The British, whose 1689 Bill of Rights was what eventually became our Second Amendment, lost their right to "keep and bear arms" by Parliamentary fiat just within the past century. BH ponders the effect of that loss on British society.

3. Judeopundit - MPAC Person "Bulldozed By Al-Jazeera"
MPAC expects more nuanced coverage of the muliple murder of Jews in Jerusalem. She apparently did not appreciate the portrayal of only the Jews as the victims at the hands of a Palestinian Muslim. [Expletives deleted]

4. Right Wing Nut House - Do Liberals Love America Too?
I disagree with Rick on this one. Does that mean that I harbor "petty vindictiveness?" I do not think so. The day the far left began rooting for us to lose the Iraq War and the day they embraced defeat for partisan political purposes, they crossed an incredibly bright line on my map dividing loyal opposition from unpatriotic swine. Lieberman - patriotic. Harry Reid - not patriotic.

5. Oliver Kamm - Bush Made the World a Safer Place
OK ponders what the much maligned Mr. Bush got right in response to 9-11.

6. The American Strategist - Liberals for 'Conservative' Grand Strategy?
A critique of liberal strategms posed in light of the strategic challenged posed by an exploding Asia.

7. Shooting the Messenger - Georgia Man Killed Own Daughter to Protect Family Honor
There is no honor in honor killings.

8. Protein Wisdom - Chimpy McHitlerburton's Smirky Rodeo Ride Through History, 25: The Last Slice of Saddam Cake Eaten By Secret Greedy Killbots
What was the peaceful Saddam doing with 550 tons of yellowcake uranium. Pay no attention to the uranium behind that screen, PW tells us in a piece of fine snark.

9. Pajams Media - Former CIA Agent in Iran Comes In from the Heat
A must read.

10. Big Lizards - None So Benign Apprentices
Dafyyd critiques a Powerline post that critiqued an E.J. Dionne article that I also critiqued. Dafyyd concentrates on the reality that both Clinton and Obama were, in essence, men made by their sponsors - neither of whom can possibly be considered benign, positive influences.

11. Pondering Penguin - Congress Approval At 9%
It's nice to see Congress's approval rating reflect so accurately the job being done by our Democratic leadersip.

12. Classical Values - There Oughta Have Been a Law!
This is a collary to the old adage, bad facts make for bad laws. In this case, its bad laws make for bad arguments. CV ponders the legal intersection of Wisconsin law, sex, guns, discrimination and orgasms.

13. Neo-Neocon - Arguing Politics
A good primer on conducting effective and civil political argument.

14. Ace of Spades HQ - Obama's Flip-Flops =/= Kerry's
Ace makes a good point. Because Obama is flipping to the middle, perhaps defining him as merely a flip flopper of epic proportions is insufficient. Perhaps it should be "Obama is a hard-left radical willing to baldly lie to achieve power and then enact his Age of Aquarius program. " I think McCain's latest ad is somewhat along those lines.

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