Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Chameleon Candidate's Position Du Jour On Iraq

Obama's positions change with the rapidity by which a chameleon changes color. But a few days ago, he started the morning saying that he expected to "refine" his position on Iraq after meeting with the Commanders (some have suggested that it would be with General Pew and Admiral Rasmussen). By the end of the day, he was once again proclaiming his utter determination to declare Iraq a defeat and withdraw over sixteen months - irrespective apparently of considerations of our national security interests. That lasted two days, before his most recent change of colors while in an interview with the Military Times:

(H/T Gateway Pundit).

Gone again is any mention of the immediate "change of mission" and withdraw in sixteen months. This man's cynicsm and apparent lack of principle seems only matched by his blind ambition.


shoprat said...

"What I believe is utterly dependent on who I am talking to at the time."

That should be his motto.

vinny said...

Unfortunately this terrible joke might become our commander in chief, and only then we will see the full spectrum of this insanity.