Friday, July 11, 2008

Hair Tonic For (Ye)Men(is)

Why pay the high price of $4 a litre for Yemen's most popular hair tonic when you can get it from the source for free? Aaaah, nothing else gives quite the shine to one's locks like camel urine. And its Prophet approved. My but a young woman with that certain sparkle in her eye and the musky odor of camel's urine wafting up from underneath her burkha must just drive all those young Yemeni men wild.

This from AKI

Camel urine, considered an ancient Islamic 'remedy' from the time of the Prophet Mohammed, has become big business for men and women in Yemen.

The urine has become fashionable recently among Yemen's young people, who claim that it strengthens the scalp, slows hair loss and promotes healthy hair.

According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, hair salons throughout the country are requesting this precious 'tonic' and selling it at four dollars a litre - a high price considering the income level of most of the buyers.

"I have been using camel urine since I have been going to elementary school," said Amal, a university student in Sanaa.

"The first time a neighbour told me that she had been using it (urine) for many years, because it made her hair more beautiful and shiny. Now everyone in my home uses it."

The use of the urine is not just limited to women. Men have reportedly also been using it to prevent or stop hair loss.

"Many young men use the camel's urine. I am forced to buy large quantities for my business," said Hasan, a barber.

. . . Some people also claim that camel urine is good for the liver, a claim discredited by the University of Sanaa that said it was harmful for the digestive system.

The use of camel urine could have its roots in Islamic religion. In the Prophet Mohammed's "sunna" (or tradition), it talks about the benefits of camel milk and urine.

In a "hadith" (or narrative), foreigners are said to have gone to the holy city of Medina with high fever and the Prophet Mohammed ordered them to leave the city and drink urine and milk from a camel to help them recover.

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Dinah Lord said...

Oh. My. God. When they say PBUH - "Piss be upon him" they aren't kidding.

Joanne said...

At first I was thinking give the poor kid a break, but whew, he is actually wanting to use the urine. Oh well, to each their own.....urine.

Saqib Aziz said...

@Dinah Lord

You should respect the Prophets. I can make fun of your religion and its messengers, but my religion and the Prophet (whom you ridiculed) have forbidden us from such idiocies.


Anonymous said...

HRT comes from horse(mares) urine. not a problem wen most of the world is on tht.. but id like to look into wht chemical composition of camel urine might make this beneficial... after all most sientific data comes from one crazy idea.. then yrs later ppl just accept it. of course it needs to be proven, so i for one would really like to see some research done into it, if it works there must be something in it tht makes it work.