Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stop The Destruction of Our Environment - Drill Now

Did you know that:

1. According to the National Academy of Science, over 60% of the oil that pollutes our coastal waters is caused by oil just left in the sands below the ocean bottom and allowed to seep naturally into our waters.

2. Only 1% of the pollution in our coastal waters is attribuatable to accidents or human error involving offshore drilling.

The facts are clear.

We must act now to save Willie and all of our other furry and feathered friends

Think of the children.

Call your Congressman and demand that we end this destruction of our environment.

Demand that we safely and immediately begin removing the oil from the ocean floor before it has any further chance to pollute our environment.

For Gaia's Sake





MK said...

Interesting facts there, somehow i don't see the global warming crowd buying into it though.

Jimmy J. said...

Excellent point.

We have a very good idea where the oil is off the California coast because there was drilling and production there before a spill occurred in, I believe, 1969. It would not take long (3 years, maybe less) to exploit that resource and get oil flowing to refineries.

Oil drilling and production techniques are far better today than they were 39 years ago. In fact, it may be possible, using directional drilling techniques, to extract the oil that is under the water from wells sitting on dry land.

Such resource recovery will no doubt be fought tooth and nail by the environmentalists. But it is not a question of whether it will ever be drilled. When oil becomes scarce enough and dear enough, it will be drilled.

Laer said...

Excellent - one more point: When big spills occur, what is the cause? Almost always, it's a tanker that's carrying oil from somewhere non-domestic to our shores. Oil drilling platforms very rarely are the cause of huge spills, so if spills are the problem, drilling here is the answer (drunken captains of the Exxon Valdez exclude).

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