Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama & WP's Jonathan Weisman Whitewashing Obama's "Christian Values"

According to a page 1 story from the Washington Post today, " Sen. Barack Obama ended a week's focus on values by giving a conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church a highly personal account of his spiritual journey and a promise that he will make "faith-based" social service "a moral center of my administration." There is no attempt to go beyond the serenity of Obama's sanitized version of his "Christian values" and into the reality of his past. The MSM, and in this case, Mr. Weisman writing in the WP, are reporting positively on Obama's speech, with no mention of the Black Liberation Theology which defined Obama's Christianity for the past twenty years, nor the racist rant which now - carefully edited - animates the core of Obama's campaign. In essence, the press is complicit with Obama - a man whose choice of toxic associations would be red meat for the press were it any other candidate - in an effort to whitewash Obama's "faith" and "values" for mainstream public consumption.

Though the WP does not mention it, what Obama is spouting today is a version of Christianity foreign from what drew him to Trinity United Baptist Church. Though the WP does not mention it, what Obama is spouting today is wholly foreign to the vile racism and separatism that animates the Black Liberation Theology - the poisonous doctrine of Trinity United throughout the time Obama was in the Churh. And as Obama tells us in his book, The Audacity of Hope, it was one such racist rant by Rev. Wright that drew Obama into Trinity United. Here is Obama reading from his book, recounting the sermon.

And, of course, here is the Black Liberation Theology in application in a "best of" CD sold by Trinity United:

And see this post from Gateway Pundit, discussing many other troubling aspects of Obama's world view.

That our MSM is complicit in whitewashing these facts is a travesty of epic proportions. The MSM takes all that Obama says at face value. Obama's claim never to have heard this come out of a Church whose official doctrine for the past twenty years has been Black Liberation Theology doesn't pass the laugh test. Yet here we have the Washington Post's Johnathan Weisman ignoring the above while reporting on Obama's "Christian values" and "moral center." And less you think Mr. Weisman possesed of any ethics, he finishes his article by allowing Obama to raise and knock down a meaningless strawman to suggest that the criticisms and concerns with what values Obama really holds are unimportant:

. . . In his speech here, he tried to dispel the notion that he comes from Muslim roots, pointedly mentioning that his father, a Kenyan who left his family and returned to Africa when Obama was a small child, was an atheist.

Obama acknowledged how hard it has been for the campaign to dispel false rumors that he is Muslim or that he is not an American, as well as a sense among some voters that he lacks patriotism.

"In fairness to the American people, I am relatively new on the political scene, compared to a John McCain or a Hillary Clinton. My profile is not typical of a presidential nominee, not only because I'm African American, but I'm relatively young as a candidate," he said. "So it's not surprising that people are still getting to be familiar with what I've done, who I am, what I stand for. I do think it's been fed pretty systematically by e-mails that have been sent out. There's a concerted strategy to raise questions about me and to spread lies about my background, and in the Internet age, that's pretty effective.

"What's remarkable is that despite all that, things that have been going on since we announced -- I'm the nominee and have a pretty good shot at winning," he added.

Read the entire article. If I did not know better, I would think the author, WP reporter Jonathan Weisman, in the tank for Mr. Obama.

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