Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watcher's Council Nominations

Each week, the members of the Watcher's Council nominate one of their own posts and a second from outside the Council for consideration by other council members in a contest for best post. Historically, the Watcher publishes the results each Friday morning.

As reported last week, the Watcher has withdrawn from the council. A new, permenant Watcher will likely be appointed shortly. For this week, Soccer Dad is acting as Watcher. This week's nominations are:

Council Nominations:

1. Wolf Howling - Deconstructing the Socialists War On Law & Order In Britain
Britain is a laboratory for the ills of socialism as the dominant philosophy in a democracy. We had better be paying attention.

2. Done with Mirrors - Who knew?
DWM has an exceptional post on the urban myths created by our media and by our left wing politicians who have successfully rewritten the history of 2002.

3. The Glittering Eye - "Vice President Gores 'Space Race' Energy Plan (Updated)"
I try not to pay attention to the Goracle, but GE does this week, speaking of the impracticality of Gore's "space race" to a carbon free world. He should start at his home in Tennessee.

4. Bookworm Room - The moral of the story
BR ponders the classics and today's attempt at their retelling, minus the moral core at the center of the books. "In a values-free society, where morality cannot exist without the accusation of being “judgmental,” it’s impossible to present to people the old-fashioned moral lessons. There is no morality, there is only your own navel compass telling you what to do."

5. Rhymes with Right - Dems Email Hillary Supporters: We Own You -- Now Support Barack!
RwR takes offense at the sense of entitlement and arrogance of "the most arrogant presidential candidate of my lifetime, an accomplishment-free neophyte who thinks he is somehow owed the support of those who oppose his candidacy." Great description.

6. Cheat Seeking Missiles - Obama in Berlin: Wrong City, Wrong Time
Obama is attempting to cast himself in the shoes of JFK, but, as CSM points out, the backdrop is not the right one for today's challenges.

7. JoshuaPundit - Why Maliki Suddenly Wants A US Withdrawal From Iraq
JP thinks Maliki is playing both the U.S. and Iran against each other. I am unsure of precisely what Maliki is doing, nor whether he realizes just how dangerous a game he is playing.

8. Colossus of Rhodey - Yet another rant
CoR takes amused offense at playing in a foursome with a duffer for whom the best club in his bag was a pencil.

9. Hillbilly White Trash - Can America "Get it back?"
HWT comments on a VDH article on how America has changed, pondering how, if ever, we can recapture the spirit that made us great.

10. The Razor - Speak truth to power - just not to educators
Racism in all its forms is abhorent. It sounds like this is a man who needs to find an attorney and mutter the words 42 U.S.C. 1983.

11. Soccer Dad - Horribly Wrong Part II
SD is rightfully upset with the bias of Dion Nissenbaum, McClatchy's Israel correspondent, who posts just a horrid article on the release of the child-killer Samir Kuntar. "Nissenbaum you are an f---ing bastard. Why the hell don't you draw your salary from Nasrallah? After all you're doing his work."


1. Stars and Stripes - Soldiers Recount Deadly Attack On Afghan Outpost by Stars & Stripes
The story of the concerted effort by several hundred Taliban and al Qaeda to overrun a platoon size group of soldiers from the 173rd Airborne occupying a temporary outpost in a remote spot in Afghanistan.

2. SF Gate - San Francisco: Sanctuary City Gone Awry
A SF family is slaughtered, compliments in part of the laws associated with being a "sanctuary city."

3. Confederate Yankee - "Obama Overflies Iraqi Mass Graves"
"Just keep in mind that if we had followed the starter Senator's judgment at any point during his political career, Iraq could have been too dangerous a place for his flight to even consider touching down."

4. Confederate Yankee (2) - Mac & P.C.
Heh. A real flight of fancy here. I am not talking about the clever dialogue, but rather the fact that Obama would willingly engage in an open ended debate with McCain.

5. Colonel Robert Neville ... - Spot the Smiley Fascism
A tongue in cheek discussion of freedom of speech.

6. Alien - Chizumatic - Ghosts of My Past
The intersection of feasibility of alternative energy and religion.

7. Michael Yon -The War is Over. We Won
Michael Yon announces his judgment on Iraq. Unlike Obama, he announced it after visiting the country a time or two to get his facts straight.

8. Chronicle of Higher Education - Gone and being forgotten
An academic ponders modern academia and the rewriting of history.

9. Right Wing Nuthouse - When it's Obama's War
An insightful post from Rick Moran on why Maliki has undercut McCain to support Obama and the pitfalls in all of this for both Maliki and Obama.

10. The Pirate King - Scientists are now admitting climate fraud
A superb article on exposing the global warming fraud.

11. Baseball Crank - Are We There Yet? Victory in Iraq and the 2008 Election
A solid and argument for the point that, while Iraq may become less of an issue, the question of who you want exercising judgment in wartime should become far more of an issue.

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